HB Top 10: Catering for a healthier hospital

In our first Top 10 list of 2018, HB examines the NHS trusts and health organisations that are excelling in healthy catering

NHS vending machines: where does the conflict lie?

HB looks at price promotions and advertising of unhealthy foods on hospital premises, and how the vending industry is adapting to these changes

Changing the focus of hospital food standards

Do the Government Buying Standards have the scope and depth necessary to make a real impact on the catering system? Rosemarie Hoyle investigates

A fresh look at vegan food in hospital catering

Dietitian Heather Russell, from the Vegan Society, explains why well-planned vegan diets can support healthy living in people of all ages

Recognising progress in healthy NHS catering

Stewart McKenzie looks at the role that healthy catering in the NHS has to play in the fight against obesity and diabetes

A spoonful of sugar?

Health Business looks at the measures in place to limit sugar intake in hospitals. Plus, Jonathan Hart, of the AVA, answers some questions

Taking the Pulse of Hospital Food

The Campaign for Better Hospital Food has undertaken an in-depth report into the current state of hospital food in NHS England

The healthy voice in providing choice

The consumer demand for choice in vended snack products is growing in hospitals. Jonathan Hart, of the Automatic Vending Association, explains the steps the vending industry is taking to meet the expectations of a more health conscious nation.

The Mark of good food in hospitals

The Soil Association provides an update on the work it has done to improve food through its Food for Life Catering Mark, with a specific focus on its work with the NHS and healthcare sector.

Campaigning for Better Hospital Food

The Campaign For Better Hospital Food looks at the need for high standards in hospital food so that more meals are freshly cooked with care, tasty to eat and made using nutritious ingredients. Katherine Button provides an update on the campaign and the national push for higher standards.

With hospital food often being considered a cause for national shame, stronger standards are highly sought after. The Better Hospital Food campaign is seeking government intervention to keep good food out of the bin, and healthy food on hospital plates.

Good quality, high standard catering in hospitals and healthcare establishments is crucial. Andy Jones outlines the importance of promoting, developing and implementing standards to ensure that they are adhered to

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) outlines ways to implement an effective allergen management programme – training staff in food allergen risks and communicating accurate and consistent information about allergens to patients and visitors

The Hospital Caterers Association’s national chair Andy Jones, urges hospitals to embed food and drink as a vital part of the patient’s recovery plan, and discusses how this can be achieved

Winner of the Orange Innovation Award at this year’s National Business Awards, CarteChoix – apetito’s new restaurant-inspired plated meals system – is helping hospitals reduce food waste whilst satisfying patient demand for quality, flexibility and choice.

Rosemarie Hoyle, Divisional Manager Healthcare at apetito, explains the thinking behind CarteChoix and the benefits it offers both hospitals and patients.


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