Security in a healthcare environment has many facets, from personal safety to general safety, from localised security to site-wide security

Access control plays a key role in helping to protect healthcare premises against criminals, says Mike Sussman, chairman of the British Security Industry Association’s Access Control Section

James Kelly, chief executive of the British Security Industry Association, examines what effective security measures can be adopted by the health sector

Brian Pender, head of security at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, considers what makes an effective access control strategy within healthcare settings

With expensive equipment on-site and a transient population of patients, staff and visitors, effective access control in hospitals is vital, writes Mike Sussman, chairman of BSIA’s Access Control Section.

Guarding personal data involves comprehensive in-house protection and procedures for secure disposal

Control of access – a necessity or a nuisance? Nick van der Bijl BEM, National Association for Healthcare Security, gives his views

Alex Carmichael, British Security Industry Association Technical Director, looks at some key principles behind good security

Nick van der Bijl, National Association for Healthcare Security, looks at how to prevent breaches of information security

Preserving essential facilities and providing a safe environment can seem like a tall order for organisations struggling to maintain public services with finite resources

Pauline Norstrom, the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) CCTV Section Chairman, examines how hospitals are applying CCTV

Phil Hardy, ICM Chairman, and Stuart Hex, ICM Executive Secretary, applaud all efforts to eliminate or reduce the risk of violence towards NHS staff

Nick van der Bijl, Chairman, National Association for Healthcare Security, reminds us all of the patient’s predicament

Official statistics indicate that the number of physical assaults against NHS staff in England fell last year

Richard Hampton, head of the NHS Security Management Service, takes a look at the security challenges facing the health sector


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