NHS Wales’ staff offered pay rise on service’s 70th birthday

Welsh Health Secretary Vaughan Gething has announced a new pay offer to NHS Wales’ staff, that matches and in some cases goes beyond the new NHS pay deal for England.

The offer, which will provide a pay increase for staff across the NHS, has been negotiated with employers and unions but needs to be approved through a ballot of union members. It means all NHS staff in Wales will have pay parity with their counterparts in England, with the deal going beyond the English deal in some areas.

The pay offer includes: going beyond previous commitments to the Living Wage Foundation recommendations, with a new rate of £17,460 introduced from 1 April 2018 as the minimum basic pay rate in the NHS and the lowest starting NHS salary increases to £18,005 in 20/21; investing in higher starting salaries for staff in every pay band by reforming the pay system to remove overlapping pay points; guaranteeing fair basic pay awards for the next three years to the staff who are at the top of pay bands; and guaranteeing fair basic pay awards and faster progression pay for the next three years to those staff who are not yet on the top of their pay band.

Gething said: “I am pleased to announce, following negotiations with unions and employers, that we are now able to offer a much deserved pay rise to our hardworking and dedicated NHS staff. As we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS in Wales, it is appropriate we recognise those who have made the service what is today and continue to deliver the best possible care for all in their time of need. Our NHS in Wales simply could not function without the skill, dedication and hard work of its staff.

“After eight hard years of austerity, imposed by the UK government, we have committed extra funding beyond the consequential funding that we received following the pay rise in England, to offer a deal which is not only fair to staff and taxpayers but will also lead to a better NHS for Wales.”

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