Digital solutions contract for Bolton NHS FT

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust has signed a £30 million contract for enhanced digital solutions to improve patient care and outcomes.

Allscripts Sunrise Electronic Patient Record will implement an electronic record of every aspect of a patient’s care, allowing the trust to develop a full history of a patient’s care and therefore create more accurate communication between healthcare professionals, patients and carers.

Some neighbouring trusts already use Allscripts, meaning this is the first step in a shared record of a patient’s care in the North West sector of Greater Manchester.

Ken Bradshaw, deputy chief informatics officer at the trust, said: “Signing this contract is the result of months of hard work behind the scenes preparing our systems and teams for this investment. We’re delighted to be at the point where we can start to progress the project and reap the benefits it will be bring for our patients. The new technology will provide a seamless process, and make it so much easier for our clinicians to access a single, detailed and up-to-date view of a patient’s health record.”

It is expected that the first phase will go-live in spring 2019.

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