Government to investigate safe use of syringes

Following reports published in the Sunday Times, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said that the government will investigate claims that the NHS was too slow to remove a 'dangerous' automatic syringe from service.

The whistleblower's warninsg claims that the syringes, used to give powerful painkillers, could have caused widespread deaths amongs elderly patients. Having been in use until 2015, Hunt has said that there were questions over how quickly the NHS reacted upon dicovering that the devices were dangerous, with warnings having been made in the 1990s because of the risk of fatalities due to user error. Reports suggest that soem doctors raised concern over a day's dose of drugs being delivered within one hour as a result of confusion over two differing models of infusion pump.

The newspaper report follows a government inquiry into hundreds of deaths at Gosport War Memorial Hospitals, where more than 450 patinets died after the inappropriate administering of powerful painkillers.

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