Funding awarded to ease delayed transfers of care

NHS Digital have announced the local authority and NHS partnerships that will benefit from digitising their assessment, discharge and withdrawal (ADW) notices.

Having been successful in bidding for a share of £1.4 million, Dorset, Hackney, Lancashire, Wirral, Worcestershire, Hertfordshire and Rotherham will now improve their ADWs, after their local authorities and NHS partners identified their non-digital systems as one of the stumbling blocks to the transfer of care from health to social care settings.

The partnerships will now act as early adopters and to develop the core technology so that it could be used by other areas at minimum cost.

James Palmer, programme head for the Social Care programme at NHS Digital, said: "This funding isn't going to be the whole solution to delays in transfers of care but as a digital substitute for faxes and post, these projects will help smooth the process of moving statutory key information from a healthcare setting to local authority social care. Further assurance comes in the form of electronic notifications, letting hospitals know that their notices have been received by the local authority. This will help to remove some of the pinch points in the hospital discharge process through helping health and social care to integrate their IT systems."

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