Universities in England are invited to apply to be selected to partner with Public Health England (PHE) to form the next wave of Health Protection Research Units (HPRUs)

Underperforming CCGs must improve, says PAC

Public must see benefits from changes to NHS commissioning, says PAC report

Oxford University Hospitals loses CT scan contract to InHealth

NHS England awards PET-CT scan contract to private sector firn despite Oxford University Hospitals submitting rvial bid.

NHS satisfaction levels reflect funding shortfalls says NHS Confederation

Niall Dickson said: "These findings show the inevitable consequence of starving the NHS of funding for the best part of a decade."

Dr Clare Gerada has been appointed as clinical chair, and Professor Sir Chris Ham has been appointed as non-clinical chair of the NHS Assembly.

Public Health England has launched a major new national campaign ‘Cervical Screening Saves Lives’, to increase the number of women attending their cervical screening.

Public Health England is urging parents to be aware of scarlet fever symptons and seek early treatment with antibiotics

1,000 health visitors will receive additional training to identify speech, language and communication needs of children early on, with a new assessment and support package.

Three projects funded through a collaboration between Innovate UK and Asthma UK will help ensure asthma patients receive better treatment.

CMA provisionally finds Auden Mckenzie and Waymade involved in price fixing

Auden Mckenzie may have abused its dominant position by making monthly payments to Waymade not to enter the hydrocortisone market

National Genomic Healthcare Strategy announced

The Government has announced it will work with the National Genomics Board to form National Genomic Healthcare Strategy that specifically focuses on providing predictive services to people with rare diseases.

Medical journal the Lancet has published an updated paper on Brexit which uses the available legal and political texts on four Brexit scenarios to assess the likely impact on fifteen specific aspects of the health service.

Brexit Health Alliance: Transition period needed to ensure medicine supply

Niall Dickson: "Too much of this is outside of the control of the NHS and our members. That is why we continue to advocate for a negotiated deal to provide maximum protection for patients.”

Total Diet Replacement programmes cost effective in tackling Obesity, says Oxford study

Replacing all regular meals with a low calorie diet of soups, shakes and bars, together with behavioural support, is expected to cost an additional £13,000 for every year of life lived in full health

Pagers to be phased out by 2021

All hospitals will be expected to have plans and infrastructure in place by the end of September 2020.

Nasal spray flu vaccine 87 per cent effective in children says PHE

Public Health England (PHE) has published mid-season data on the effectiveness of this year’s flu vaccines which suggests that the nasal spray is 8

Report examines Outcome Based Payment for cancer drugs

Drug price could be adjusted based on how well it works for patients in the NHS, suggests Cancer Research UK

Support planned for NHS staff mental health staff in Workforce Implementation Plan

Plans to give staff immediate access to dedicated mental health support will be considered as part of the upcoming workforce implementation plan


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