A worrying amount of UK adults do not know that air pollution impacts the heart

75 per cent of adults in the UK are unaware of the impact that air pollution has on the heart, data shows.

CQC look to reform its inspections and monitoring processes

The CQC, as part of proposed changes to its regulation of health and social care, has made plans to overhaul its inspections.

Air pollution puts patients and staff at risk

Illegal and harmful levels of air pollution are affecting patients and staff at more than half of London’s hospitals, a new report reveals.

Staff are key in driving improvement in hospital care

New report highlights how ‘engaging and empowering’ staff has been fundamental in driving up the quality of care received.

Northern Ireland child health ’making progress, but slower than other countries’

A new report has revealed that the health of children in Northern Ireland is ‘among the worst in Western Europe’.

Obesity in women can cause problems for their newborns

A major study has revealed that obese women are at a higher risk of having babies with serious birth defects.

Emerging concerns over care home fees and funding

Families are being charged by care homes for extended periods after a resident has died, as well as large upfront fees, a market study reveals.

ComRes predict 'quick win' gains for NHS

ComRes has suggested that the hung Parliament could see more money available for the NHS.

Number of Welsh GP practices 'at risk' rises

Data gathered by BMA Cymru Wales has revealed that the number of GP practices 'at risk' in Wales has increased.

Confed17 opens with call for health review

Stephen Dorrell has delivered the opening speech at Confed17, arguing that a thorough review of long term demand patterns in health and care is needed.

Daily aspirin 'bleed' warning for over-75s

New research has highlighted the major risks associated with people over 75 taking daily aspirin after a stroke or heart attack.

Increase in junior doctors choosing Wales

A significantly higher amount of junior doctors are choosing to come to or stay in Wales to train to be GPs.

The BMA has awarded a charity £35,000 to boost resilience to terror attacks.

Scots refused breast cancer drug available in England

A breast cancer drug has been rejected in Scotland for the third time due to its high cost.

Thousands of NHS operations could be pointless

Tens of thousands of people could be undergoing needless operations due to lack of research on a ‘placebo component’, a leading surgeon has said.

Excess weight kills millions a year

A global study has suggested that you don’t have to be clinically obese to be in danger of dying from illnesses linked to excess weight.


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