Activinsights deliver patient lifestyle insight to medical practitioners, researchers and healthcare providers using accurate and validated wearables.

Four diseases cost more money and more lives than all other conditions globally. These are:

  • Heart disease
  • Lung disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

Lifestyle is the most important common factor in the prevention, treatment and management of these and many other conditions. Physical inactivity is a global problem, related to 3.2 million deaths worldwide and is the fourth leading risk factor for premature mortality (World Health Organization, 2010).

How our products help:

The Activinsights Band provides an opportunity to tackle these issues in a preventative and cost-effective manner. It allows lifestyle issues to be addressed, empowering healthcare professionals with objective patient lifestyle data to support screening and behaviour change programmes. Professional wearables also provide a tool for the management of long-term conditions, such as diabetes, where the Activinsights Band can be worn continuously to learn more about disease progression and adherence to lifestyle prescriptions. Lifestyle measurement is fundamental in understanding the intricacies of people’s daily lives and how behaviours impact health.

Example Case Study using the Activinsights Band:

Rehabilitation is crucial to improving independence and quality of life, and to reduce hospital re-admission rates. Improving muscle and bone strength reduces risk of falls. A NHS Foundation trust offers an 8-week rehabilitation Otago exercise programme, specifically aimed at falls reduction. A pilot study compared the outcomes and insights from patient’s wearing an Activinsights Band, with the paper-based activity diaries that patients are asked to complete.

Method: Patients attend the Balance and Safety Group for 1.5 hours a week, 1 hour of which is exercise-based, for 8 weeks, continuing their exercises at home. The Activinsights Band is a wrist-worn device which collects lifestyle data, is waterproof and has a 12-month battery life. No patient identifying information is held on the device and data is transferred via Bluetooth to a secure network.

Results: The pilot showed both improved patient Tinetti score and reported falls. Lifestyle reports provided an accurate measure of the patients’ activity, including time exercising, sleep patterns and week-on-week comparisons which stimulated active discussion. The reports also showed decline in activity due to poor health. Diaries were less accurate as the patients declined to complete them if they were wearing the Activinsights Band.

Conclusion: The high compliance and low maintenance of the Activinsights Band suggests professional wearable technology is the preferred measurement method within the Otago rehabilitation programme over paper-based diaries.

In summary…

We build objective, lifestyle reports which provide invaluable information for both patients and professionals when planning effective interventions. Our technologies and data analysis approaches are supported by over 200 peer-reviewed scientific papers, in over 40 countries worldwide. Activinsights has a unique heritage through our support of health researchers and sports scientists with measurement equipment. This experience has built our knowledge base, validated our products and developed new data analysis tools. We use rigorous open protocols to manage sensitive behavioural information giving security and transparency to all data subjects. The global challenges of heart disease, respiratory diseases, obesity, diabetes and ageing populations are pushing countries to develop new models of healthcare provision. Lifestyle has a predominant impact across all these areas and objective measurement of physical activity and sleep behaviours supports diagnosis, recovery, lifestyle management, behaviour change programmes and preventative healthcare strategies.

Professional wearables can be used in a wide range of healthcare applications, including disease specific lifestyle management, healthcare interventions, and monitoring rehabilitation and progression towards lifestyle goals - including diabetes, cardiac rehabilitation and weight management services. We welcome the opportunity to hear from you to discuss a customised solution relevant to your own industry needs.

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21st – 22nd February UCL CBC Conference for Behaviour Change, London
13th – 14th March Wearable Technology show, Excel, London
29th May – 2nd June American College of Sports Medicine, Minneapolis, USA
2nd – 6th June SLEEP 2018, Baltimore, USA
3rd – 6th June International Society of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity, Hong Kong
12th September UK Active National Summit, UK
25th – 26th September UK Health Show, London
15th – 17th October International Society for Physical Activity and Health, Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London

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