Aerogen is the world’s leading medical device company specialising in the design, manufacture and commercialisation of aerosol drug delivery systems.  Aerogen’s patented vibrating mesh technology turns liquid medication into a fine particle mist, gently and effectively delivering drugs to the lungs of critically ill patients of all ages. 

Founded in Galway, Ireland in 1997, Aerogen has grown to become the global leader in high performance aerosol drug delivery and has partnered its technology with the leading mechanical ventilation companies.  Aerogen technology is used by millions of patients and caregivers in over 75 countries worldwide and, it has partnered its technology with world leading companies including Philips Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Covidien, Maquet, Drager, Hamilton and ResMed.

Aerogen’s innovative products, such as the Aerogen® Solo and Aerogen® Ultra, significantly improve aerosol drug delivery resulting in better patient care throughout the Hospital. 

Aerogen, which employs over 150 people worldwide and has permanent staff in Ireland, UK, France, Germany, China, US and the Middle East has reported 30% business growth year on year for the past eight years, surpassing annual growth targets. Having invested over €40 million in creating a breakthrough high performance nebuliser and setting a new standard of aerosol drug delivery in critical care, Aerogen products are supplied to over 75 countries and to date have benefitted over five million patients worldwide.

Aerogen Technology

Aerogen’s unique palladium vibrating mesh technology, Aerogen Vibronic® is a breakthrough in aerosol drug delivery and is at the heart of all the products.

The central aperture plate is just 5mm in diameter and is perforated with 1000 precision formed holes that vibrate at 128,000 times per second, to produce the optimum particle size for deep lung penetration.

Aerogen Products

Aerogen Solo

The Aerogen Solo System consists of the Aerogen® Solo nebuliser and the Aerogen® Pro-X Controller. It is intended for hospital use only to nebulise physician-prescribed medications for inhalation which are approved for use with a general purpose nebuliser. The Aerogen® Solo nebuliser is for single patient use only and the Aerogen® Pro-X Controller is for re-use. The Aerogen Solo System is suitable for intermittent and continuous nebulisation of neonate, paediatric and adult patients.

The Aerogen Solo;

  • Quick and easy to set up (1)
  • Virtually silent (2)
  • Single patient use (1)

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Aerogen Ultra

The Aerogen® Ultra is an accessory specific to the Aerogen Solo nebuliser. It facilitates intermittent and continuous nebulisation, with optional supply of supplemental oxygen to paediatric and adult patients via mouthpiece. The device can alternatively be used with a face mask.

The Aerogen Ultra;

  • Delivers significantly more medication in half the time (1)
  • Improves patient response to treatment (2)
  • Works with and without O2 (3)
  • Can be used with either a mask or mouthpiece (3)

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Aerogen Key Points

Aerogen’s vibrating mesh technology has been adopted across the hospital and used during MV, HFOV, NIV, HFNC and with spontaneous breathing patients.

Aerogen technology enables optimal aerosol therapy across all ventilatory support.

Bench, imaging and case studies all provide evidence of the superior performance of the Aerogen aerosol drug delivery devices.

Substantial cost savings have been observed in comparison to MDIs in the US.

Improved lung recruitment compared to baseline can be achieved with Aerogen aerosolised Salbutamol in paediatric respiratory failure patients.

Improved clinical outcomes observed with use of the Aerogen Ultra in the ED.

Aerogen in the Emergency Department

New clinical outcome data demonstrates how Aerogen Ultra is transforming the treatment of patients in the Emergency Department

A retrospective chart review of 1,594 patients at St. John Hospital and Medical Center, Detroit compared clinical outcomes associated with the use of a hospital standard small volume nebuliser (SVN) versus the Aerogen Ultra.

1). 37 minute median reduction in ED length of stay
2). 32% reduction in ED admission rates
3). 75% lower drug use with the Aerogen Ultra
4). 30% higher discharge rates with the Aerogen Ultra

Ref: Dunne R et al. Aerosol dose matters in the Emergency Department: A comparison of impact of bronchodilator administration with two nebulizer systems. Poster at the American Association for Respiratory Care. 2016

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