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With over 20 years’ experience in document management, Ardington Archives LLP have developed a number of high level services to maximise efficiency, providing a complete solution to all document storage requirements.  Whether the need is for storage of archive files or documents in custom built warehouses, high level secure storage of valuable data in environmentally controlled and fire checked security vaults, conversion of documents to digital format, or hosting digital files securely online, Ardington Archives LLP work with each client to determine the most suitable and cost effective solution to meet their requirements. Ardington Archives LLP continues to evolve its services, offering a complete range of document management solutions, to meet the particular need of each individual client.

Healthcare practices and departments are very dynamic working environments, with little room for manoeuvre. Space is at a premium and staff are constantly busy. The move to electronic records has gone some way to alleviating this issue however older, physical patient records still need to be retained for the long term. These records take up space which could be better utilised, or the records themselves are often stored in unsafe environments. Ardington Archives LLP recognise this, and work with many practices across the country to carry out the clearance and storage of older paper based records. Once at our storage facilities, all documents are housed in a secure environment and can be retrieved next working day to most locations across the UK. Individual files can also be returned in this way, or alternatively, they can be converted into electronic documents and sent directly to the requester, via a secure online portal.

However, a number of clients require the entire history of a patient to be converted into electronic format, a trend that has been increasing steadily. To aid in this, Ardington Archives LLP offer secure document conversion of patient records, including X-rays, for use within an electronic system. Helping keep costs to a minimum, patient records can be converted individually, completed to a monthly budget, or as a bulk process, with digital records being returned via an encrypted storage device, secure online portal, or housed on a secure data hosting cloud platform. The secure data hosting platform allows 24 hour access to patient records and other documented information, whilst providing additional security against potential data breeches.

Steve Priest, General Manager at Ardington Archives LLP, commented, “Ardington Archives LLP has evolved from its beginnings of simply offering physical storage space, to become a leading authority in document management, developing a number of associated services to meet ever changing customer requirements. We take pride in our professional and personable service, and offer assistance for our clients wherever possible. For example, we offer a one stop service whereby we come to site, box up and catalogue files and patient records, taking them back to our secure storage facilities in Oxfordshire. These can then be converted to digital format if required, and the originals confidentially destroyed once the retention date is passed, which can lower the risk of keeping unnecessary data, as per GDPR guidelines”.

When it comes to GDPR, there are currently a lot of myths and confusion surrounding the subject, and how it affects personal information not only in the healthcare sector, but across all industries. In its essence, healthcare establishments are controllers of data and have a legitimate reason for holding personal data. However, there should be consideration given to the processing of data, as existing processes and external supplier contracts may need reviewing and renewing to incorporate the new GDPR requirements.

Once private data is no longer required, the simplest way to ensure it is removed from paper based systems is to destroy it. Ardington Archives LLP work with customers to manage retention timeframes, and carry out the confidential destruction of hard copy documentation by twice shredding it prior to recycling. This concept can also be used for electronic records held on storage media, to ensure data is removed from individual hard drives or other portable storage media. Once again, a shredding process is used, reducing the media to a confetti-like state.

Alongside the traditional storage of physical documentation, Ardington Archives LLP also offer secure document conversion to electronic format, data hosting, scanning and archive management, as well as confidential destruction and consultation services.

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