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Art in Site is an award winning art consultancy & studio founded in 2003, led by directors Louisa Williams and Martin Jones. We use creativity in many forms –illustrations, sculpture, digital media, and architectural interventions – in order to bring emotional and practical support to healthcare users and staff.

Art for Children’s Emergency, Evelina London Children’s Hospital

Art in Site were hired as art coordinators for the new Children’s Emergency department at St Thomas’, London, in 2015. Building on previous work with the trust, we developed a “gang” of illustrated patients, staff, and families, generated in partnership with children and clinicians. The gang come to life in an interactive app, playable on site, which helps to demystify the Emergency process through interactive animations explaining clinical procedures, including blood tests, injections, and pulse-measurements. Alongside, games – including X-ray visualizations of broken bones – make the learning process captivating. And notes to parents on accident prevention ensure that the whole family can learn how to avoid children’s A&E in the future…

The gang also fully integrates with the environment - popping out from doorways, across walls, creeping onto ceilings, and appearing on stickers handed out to children. They function as wayfinding aids and carriers of information, providing reassurance, stimulation, and comic relief across the patient journey.

We also developed strategically placed bodies of text, which explain treatments and processes, at the point of need. For this, Art in Site teamed up with copywriter and Pentagram partner Naresh Ramchandani to craft simple, clear, and jargon-free language, written in a friendly, conversational voice. Consequently, Info Slices can be read and understood even by young children, with little/no support from staff or family members required.

“Bodypaint” is an ambitious digital interactive installation by Memo Akten, which we placed in the waiting area, in order to facilitate controlled, safe play for all ages. Projected onto a large wall, the piece stimulates and instills calm with its dynamic colours and shapes, which move and transform in response to body movements.

Praise for Children’s Emergency:

“It has been a pleasure to work with Art in Site to deliver an environment for our patients which has surpassed our ambitions. Their innovative and exciting approach to working with Artists and their considered process of working with staff and patients has been key to delivering a cohesive environment which brings a sense of calm & compassion to one of the busiest Emergency Dept in the UK.”

Dr John Criddle, Senior Paediatric consultant

“This is absolutely outstanding. In terms of an app, this is by far the best we have seen. It shows clearly what children can expect and has had a measurable impact on services and the patient experience. It’s a great idea.”

Jon Wilks, Head Judge, Product Class, BBH Awards 2017; Managing Director, UKHealthGateway

“The new environment in the Children’s Emergency Department has had an incredibly positive effect on the way we work with children. The charming illustrations are a great ice breaker with the younger, more shy children, and a fantastic way of explaining what will happen to them next… Parents are always so positive about the environment, about how bright, colourful and playful it is. It’s beautiful, calming and a wonderful environment to work in.” 

Dr Danielle Hall, Consultant, Children’s Emergency

“I love working in the new Paediatric Emergency Department, the Evelina gang welcome the children into the cubicles peering throughout the sliding doors. The new waiting room is a stark contrast to the old one, it’s now bright and spacious, which helps to diffuse tension at busy times. The children love the colour wall and seeing the look on their faces when they realise how it works is brilliant. I’ve even see some of the parents playing too! I feel proud to work in an emergency department that was so clearly designed with children in mind.”

Dr Shalini Panchal, Consultant, Children’s Emergency

Prizes for Children’s Emergency

Building Better Healthcare Awards 2017
Winner, Patient’s Choice Award
Winner, Best Healthcare App

Healthcare Estates 2017
Runner-up, Refurbishment of the Year
European Healthcare Design 2017

Highly Commended, Interior Design & the Arts

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