Bacteria Has Nowhere To Hide As New Sanitaryware Products Are Launched To Battle In-hospital Infection

Healthcare bathrooms can, if not carefully managed, provide virulent breeding grounds for the growth of bacteria and the spread of infection.

Luckily, new innovations from sanitaryware brand Armitage Shanks can help to fight bacteria and provide optimum hygiene and infection control within hospitals. Here, the iconic British brand discusses its new Markwik 21+ fittings and Contour 21+ clinical ceramics ranges.

About Markwik 21+

Features are used throughout Markwik 21+’s design to maximise antimicrobial effect. A manual thermal flush feature allows maintenance staff to override the thermostat and flush the fitting through with very hot water, preventing bacterial depositing. An integral thermostat enables water to be mixed closer to the point of discharge – eliminating the cold water ‘dead leg’ and minimizing warm water areas.

Auto-flush technology ensures electronic fittings that are irregularly used are flushed with water every day, preventing bacteria formation. A ‘hydro-purge’ facility flushes water through the pipework and inlets to ensure a debris free system after installation and enable flushing after chemical disinfection.

Detachable spouts, one piece designs and demountable body components allow for complete washer disinfection, reducing the risk of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Legionella.

About Contour 21+

The Contour 21+ clinical basin features advanced drainage to combat water pooling, a common source of bacterial growth. Its simple waste assembly ensures water drains instantly and vertically, through a smooth pipe system, free of steps Contour 21+ basins feature thinner, more angular rims, steeper slopes and a smaller back area—all designed to avoid water pooling and facilitate easy cleaning.

Research shows high levels of splashing occurs when taps run into clinical basins, spreading bacteria and viruses as far as two metres. Contour 21+’s HydroFin—an innovative fin on the product base to deflect splashing and reduce it by 90%.

The Contour 21+ range includes integral SmartGuard+ antimicrobial additive technology. This antimicrobial protection reduces possible cross-contamination and maintains surface cleanliness and hygiene across its lifetime. Further, the ultra-smooth glaze of SmartGuard+ has been designed to make it more difficult for bacteria to cling to the surface.

A seamless fit – and ideal for specifiers

The Markwik 21+ and Contour 21+ ranges fit seamlessly together, providing a fully integrated system and the optimum in clinical hygiene.

Aside from the healthcare benefits, the products also fulfill the entire supply chain’s exacting criteria.

The easy and flexible installation options of the new Markwik 21+ and Contour 21+ ranges makes them simple to install and maintain. Contour 21+ can be installed by one person in 7 minutes compared to the current basin taking two people 18 minutes. Furthermore, the product design makes both ranges easy to use.

Hospital environments mean that infection can never be entirely eliminated. However, the use of intelligent sanitaryware can help to effectively battle bacteria and keep infection at bay.

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