B.E.G. Launches World’s First Occupancy Sensor
 Which Can Save Energy And Improve Your Health

Lighting controls specialist B.E.G. has launched an occupancy sensor which can save on energy costs and improve the well-being and productivity of UK Health Authority workers.

The B.E.G. PureColour Wellness Sensor has been intelligently designed to control the room’s light intensity and light colour based on time and movement using Human Centric Lighting. This can reduce overall energy consumption resulting in substantial savings for the health sector including hospitals.

The new ground-breaking product automatically adjusts its colour and light according to the amount of natural light required at specific times of day using HCL to specifically mimic true daylight.

It does this by regulating the colour temperature of all connected lighting and producing artificial white light which corresponds almost identically to daylight. This provides the occupants of the room with all of the brightness and vitality which natural light provides.

The B.E.G. PureColour Wellness Sensor is aimed at UK health authorities, NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Ambulance Trusts and Government laboratories.

Research has found that using HCL helps to regulate the body clock, promotes sleep and improves overall health and well-being, calling it a ‘life-light-balance’.

In our modern ‘around the clock’ society, where people frequently live and work in artificial light and often during the night or in windowless environments, the influence that daylight can have on our body clocks is much reduced. As our body clocks become more confused, sleep and wake times are less effective and this has a negative influence on our circadian rhythms and ultimately our health.

Scientists identified a third light receptor in addition to rods (twilight vision) and cones (colour vision) back in 2002. These cells are both photosensitive, meaning that they respond to light, but are also non-visual; they only react on the ambient brightness and regulate your body clock as a result.

Artificial lighting, therefore, has a huge role to play in assisting the body clock with determining what time of day it is and ultimately in stabilising our biological rhythms.

German-owned B.E.G. is the first lighting controls manufacturer to develop a wellness multi-sensor with a ‘tuneable white function’. Over a 24-hour period, the colour temperature adjusts from warm white to daylight white and the illumination intensity from 500 to 1500 lux.

The dimming of the individual lights is continuous and harmonious so that the change is not directly visible. This much improves the quality of the artificial light, mimicking the daylight and therefore improving well-being and health, while energy consumption is also optimised.

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