Challenges faced by the NHS – Reducing energy consumption and saving costs

The latest ERIC report from October 2016 reported that the total annual energy usage from all energy sources across the NHS Estate amounted to 11.9 billion kWh, an increase of 3.5% from 2014/15. In this article we demonstrate how reductions can be made to help the NHS lower energy consumption and save costs. But where do you start?

Public sector organisations such as the NHS can often find themselves with an out of date portfolio making utilities difficult to manage. Difficulties often arise due to incomplete site lists, estimated utility bills and default unit rates. This leads to overpayments being made and utility invoices not being investigated fully. This is when issues tend to crop up, such as being billed for sites you are no longer responsible for.

The NHS also face staff reductions and cut backs which can affect in-house expertise when looking to save energy and reduce costs. The solution to these issues is to have a consolidated portfolio and a customised outsourced bureau service.

The first port of call, is to establish exactly what supply points are in your organisation (including water) and create a cleansed database of all utilities. This in itself can highlight opportunities for savings, such as identifying non-consolidated supplies billed on out of contract rates.

Customised Bureau Service – Only paying for what you use

As a specialist energy management consultancy, STC Energy, part of the Inspired Energy Group, deliver utility bureau services to a wide range of large complex organisations, including the NHS. Apart from obvious cost saving opportunities, our bureau service is focused on helping you to achieve significant efficiency gains within your accounts, estates, energy, procurement and building management departments.

We offer a complete range of services that can be fully tailored to your specific requirements, and our service level agreements can be amended at any time to match changes in your needs.

The key features of STC’s standard bureau service are:

Monthly Executive Reports – Having the right data at your fingertips

The Estates Return Information Collection (ERIC) is the main central data collection for hospital estates and facilities services for the NHS. ERIC is a resource of valuable data that enables the analysis of Estates & Facilities information from NHS Trusts and PCTs in England.

STC Energy can assist you with your statutory reports through our bill validation service, which validates your utility invoices, including gas, electricity and water to ensure your bills and consumption is correct. The data captured from your utility bills then goes on to create a Monthly Executive Report (MER) which provides a clear and concise breakdown of all your utility costs and usage.

Our MER can provide the information you need about your electricity, gas and water consumption all in one place. This data can then be used to complete section 7 (energy) and section 8 (water) of your statutory ERIC report with accuracy and ease.

Multi-Supplier Framework for greater choice

As well as being a supplier on the NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) Framework, STC offers an OJEU compliant multi-supplier framework which gives public sector organisations the opportunity to choose from 12 utility suppliers and not just the big six. This ensures that your energy is competitively priced and benchmarked against other suppliers.

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