Is cybercrime really the biggest threat to business resilience?


We live in an era of increased business risk. News headlines focus on threats such as cybercrime, but there’s a more immediate issue – energy supply.

81% of businesses have experienced at least one energy-related failure in the last 12 months.

The energy landscape is changing. Global energy consumption is increasing fast – it’s expected to rise 25% by 2040.1 The demand for electricity will be even higher, up 65% in the same period.2 Add increasing grid instability, rising fuel costs and strict emissions targets into the mix and the future of traditional energy supplies looks anything but secure. Businesses need to place less reliance on the national grid and start to focus on generating their own energy - and making the energy they currently use go further.

However, there is a disparity between the threat posed by energy-related failures and the degree to which businesses are preparing for them.

The cost of failure

Businesses estimate that, when both direct and indirect costs are taken into consideration, an energy-related failure can total as much as 17% of their annual revenues. But with the right energy solutions, UK businesses can protect their bottom line against energy failures, cut energy costs and improve their business resilience right across the board.

52% of businesses believe that they will experience an energy-related failure in the next year.

One solution for business resilience

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)  from Centrica Business Solutions is a versatile, easy to implement solution that provides an extra layer of energy resilience for businesses.

Just as importantly, it can help to drive down operational costs by reducing your power usage andcut energy costs significantly, as gas is far cheaper than electricity. Overall, CHP can reduce your energy costs by as much as 25%.

Increased resilience

CHP gives you a stable and resilient energy source - it can be used to provide electricity if the grid supply fails and also offers a cost-efficient heating method.

Reduced running costs

By cutting your site’s energy costs by up to 25%, CHP enables you to divert your energy budget to other areas of your business.

Lower CO2 emissions

CHP can help reduce your energy consumption and emissions significantly – supporting compliance efforts and unlocking access to certain government incentives.

Finding the right CHP partner

Centrica Business Solutions have plenty of experience in the sector and will work with you to find the CHP solution that offers maximum savings and efficiencies.

But they’re also an all-round energy partner who can not only help you implement resilience solutions, they can also provide you with insights into where the problem areas of your energy usage lie.

The cost of resilience

Centrica Business Solutions are one of the very few companies who can offer large-scale financing to help reduce risk from purchasing an energy solution. A variety of finance options, including zero capital outlay, mean you control the cost of installation. And with payback in 3 – 5 years and an equipment lifespan of up to 15 years, the savings keep coming long after the technology has paid for itself.

With so many affordable options available, coupled with the potential cost of an energy failure, the real question is not the cost of an energy resilience solution, but can you afford not to have one?

Read the Resilience Report

Centrica Business Solutions surveyed energy decision-makers across multiple industries to understand the true scale of the challenges posed by a lack of energy continuity, and the steps businesses are taking to address them. The resulting research report could set your business on the road to resilience.

One thing is for certain – it’s never too soon to start.

Visit our website to find out more and download the report.

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