Dell EMC remains unique as the only single source provider of precision end-to-end workstation solutions on the market today.

Delivering a broad digital product portfolio to industry-leading partners within the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector, Abbott Informatics, AbbVie, Baxter and St. Joseph’s Health Organisation have all benefitted from achieving ongoing digital maturity with Dell EMC.

Whether your organisation has been plagued with siloed and disparate data sets or lacks effective and efficient data management…  Dell Precision Workstations have visualisation capabilities and computing power, large RAM, SSDs and high end graphics displays to connect all necessary users to the right data, for better decision making and improved patient outcomes.

The Dell Precision product line provides a bridge to future technologies like digital genomic sequencing, telehealth, healthcare IoT, mobile health, VR, AR and mixed reality…  It provides Radiology, Biomedical Labs, Biopharmaceutical Research Labs and Tele Consultants with reliability, scalability and global support, for them to meet their extensive performance, productivity and compliance needs.

Focusing on four major areas, they have pushed Healthcare and Life Sciences into the digital era. 

If you need fast, secure and reliable access to EHR’s and EMR’s by clinical and non-clinical staff, or PACS to generate volumes of images that need specialized computing and storage capabilities, Dell Precision Workstations offer the complete solution for you and it doesn’t end there...

When decisions need to be made directly from someone’s bedside and for instances where specialists need to store and analyse tomes of large data in order to create quick and actionable insights, Dell EMC hasn’t stopped evolving and will continue to innovate as it transitions further with digital healthcare.

Why Dell?

Dell EMC provides unprecedented capabilities to power real digital transformation and give organisations the ability to optimise their systems for specific ISV’s with the click of a button, using the Dell Precision Optimiser.

Their large ultra HD displays run all the way up to the very first 8K resolution monitor, offering you eight times the clarity of normal HD.

Their hardware is continually class leading, including their Dell PCIe SSDs, which offer best in class price and performance.

Add all of this to the fact that they have provide customers with world class support and deployment services (Dell EMC ProSupport and ProDeploy) and you have a convincing argument to strongly consider Dell Precision Workstations as the precision tool for your future Healthcare and Life Sciences related requirements.

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