Partner up for infection prevention

A holistic, partnership approach is key for effectively and consistently preventing the spread of infection and heightening patient safety, says GOJO Industries-Europe Managing Director Mike Sullivan.

The implications of infection outbreaks in healthcare settings are wide-ranging – from danger to patients in already vulnerable positions, to the disruption to normal services, such as the enforced closure of hospital wards.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for co-ordinated action in the fight against infections, particularly those displaying antimicrobial resistance (AMR). It is a complex problem affecting the whole of society, driven by many interconnected factors.

A joined-up effort

As such, single, isolated interventions have limited impact and a joined-up effort is needed to minimise the emergence and spread of AMR. Hand and surface hygiene compliance is a cornerstone of this effort, helping to break the chain of infection and minimise the damaging impacts of superbug outbreaks.

Combining the most advanced formulations and state-of-the-art dispensing systems with education, awareness and support is the best approach to help healthcare facilities in the fight to reduce the spread of AMR resistance.

The message is clear: effective hand and surface hygiene training and support are of paramount importance to achieving consistent, effective outcomes. Healthcare managers looking for an effective infection prevention and control partner should seek out experienced teams and trusted brands that are committed to supporting the goals of the healthcare industry to prevent the spread of infection.

GOJO at IPS 2017

GOJO, THE INVENTORS OF PURELL™, a brand which is trusted in healthcare facilities around the world, is also a member of the WHO Private Organizations for Patient Safety group, and is a strong advocate of the holistic approach to making hand hygiene second nature to everyone in a healthcare setting.

Visit GOJO on Stand 30 at this year’s Infection Prevention Society annual conference to find out about support services on offer, including:

  • Training: innovative, targeted training across healthcare sectors covering the WHO Five Moments for Hand Hygiene concept; product, procedure and skincare training;
  • Behaviour: GOJO Healthcare signage, leaflets and handouts for staff, patients and visitors; skincare advice, product usage guidance; skin monitoring;
  • Support: Annual or quarterly business/support plans implemented with key teams; product samples; study day support; link nurse forums; support for global healthcare initiatives; hand hygiene and Five Moment compliance audits and observations;
  • Implementation: Dedicated Installation Manager; experienced and reputable installation engineers; site survey service; dispensers, accessories and signage supplied and installed free of charge; installation management process with service-level agreement;
  • Technology: SMARTLINK™ Solutions activity monitoring system; dedicated SMARTLINK project manager; SMARTLINK OBV: enhance observation tool; SMARTLINK Service Alerts.

Event Diary

The Infection Prevention & Control show will help infection prevention and control professionals search for solutions to prevent infection and improve care.