Harlow Printing Limited

Harlow Printing Limited

Harlow Printing Limited are the designers and developers of Growth Charts for children in the UK and are members of the DH/RCPCH appointed expert working group. We have used our wealth of knowledge to develop the iGROW software which can very easily be integrated with any EPR system, such as Lorenzo and Trak Care, eliminating the need to double enter data.

Alternatively, iGROW can be used as a standalone system.

It gives you the ability to plot Height / Weight and calculate the BMI for each newborn or child from the pre-term stage until they are 20 years old. Using the latest UK National Standard Growth Charts, including the UK Down Syndrome Charts, UK Turner Syndrome Charts and the new UK Sitting Height Charts, you are able to plot the data and view the correct chart along with any and all interventions made to the child’s health record.

All data input and/or altered is fully auditable utilising the back office functions. Through the use of assigned individual licences, information entered is then tracked back to the individual user.

Z-score Charts are also available, at an additional cost, for specialist growth clinics (Endocrinology). Bone age measurement is a function we offer free of charge.

iGROW is the only system in the UK which utilises the UK data behind the chart to calculate the measurement, resulting in a far more accurate plot than simply using an X-Y axis and an image overlay.

As more Trusts utlise the iGROW system, our team will continue to development the software to satisfy the needs of our customer base ensuring it retains its market position as the No. 1 system for electronic


iGROW uses API technology enabling the application to communicate with existing software. The concept is that the application will work as a ‘plug in’ to your existing child health system, passing previously recorded information to iGROW to facilitate plotting and growth chart display. This functionality eliminates the need to enter patient details twice, as the essential information to enable plotting of the growth charts is simply passed through the API and a plotted chart returned for review. We have integrated with most of the leading EPR systems in use in the UK for Hospitals and Community services. 


The network system provides the full functionality needed to plot and monitor child growth. Access for all Active Directory (AD) authorised users enables the growth to be reviewed instantly, potentially reducing incorrect referrals. Data may be imported or exported, if you have existing records in a suitable format they can be imported into iGROW eliminating the need to re-input existing data. The system also includes export functionality enabling further analysis in external packages such as Microsoft® Excel®. 


One of the benefits of electronic growth charts is the reduction of incorrect plotting due to human error. Whatever measure is input you can be sure it will be plotted correctly. If measures are input incorrectly then these may be deleted and re-input. The audit trail however records every measure and every update and may not be altered or deleted. 

We offer various pricing & support packages, ranging from a single user up to a Trust wide licence. Please email sales@harlowprinting.co.uk for more information.


“When iGROW came online, I was initially sceptical as to how easy it would be to use. From the first time I tried it, however, I found it extremely easy to navigate and really very intuitive. Entering data is painless and quick and it is impressive to see the new plots appearing almost instantly on the relevant chart. I’d say that it is as quick as plotting measurements on the paper charts, but with the very real bonus that there is less margin for error than with the paper charts, where there is always a risk that a set of measurements will be plotted incorrectly. 

Because my special interest is in neurodisability, it is also wonderful that my cohort of children who have Down syndrome is catered for with an electronic version of the specific chart for children with the syndrome. 

The product is extremely satisfying to use. Many thanks to you and all the team at Harlow for having developed it.”

Marian McGowan St. George’s Hospital 

FREE Trial

A try before you buy version is available online. Although fully functional, the demonstration site is not NHS secure, so please do not use real patient data during your assessment. 

Simply go to www.igrow-software.com 

Create your user name and password for a full and free 30 day access. 

If you wish to discuss the application please contact one of our specialist iGROW team.


0191 4554286

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