Medical professionals in a healthcare environment have a special set of IT requirements. The products and systems they work with in a high pressure setting must be reliable, secure, responsive, serviceable and also crucially, must integrate seamlessly with other hospital systems.

HP Z Workstations powered by Intel® Xeon® processors deliver the performance and reliability required for a healthcare environment–from point–of–care to telehealth, electronic medical records (EMR) systems, and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS). In both desktop and mobile systems, HP Z Workstations are designed to reduce overall acoustic output levels, provide extremely efficient heat removal from processors, and simplify servicing and upgrades.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Systems housing electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR) contain very large amounts of patient data and files that must be accessed quickly. With high-performance processors, large storage capacities, and lab-tested reliability, HP Z Workstations are an ideal fit for healthcare environments. These hospital-quiet systems allow medical teams to quickly access EHR and EMR, even when switching back and forth between different data sets.

Picture Archiving & Communication Systems (PACS)

The HP Z Workstation is widely used in PACS environments around the world, due to the speed, proven performance, reliability, and expandability. Providing storage and transmission of CT, MRI, and PET imaging results, embedded HP Z Workstations allow data to be imported and exported from external or internal image archive systems.


Medical teams in a healthcare environment need fast, reliable access to patient information —whether it comes from servers in the hospital, health system, or the cloud. In both desktop and mobile systems, HP Z Workstations deliver the reliability, performance, and storage capacities required to make medical records readily available to medical teams at point-of-care.


To bring the expertise of medical specialists to rural areas and emergency transport vehicles, telehealth systems require reliable and consistent performance. HP Z Workstations and Thin Clients deliver proven reliability, performance, and secure visualization and patient data access capabilities for 24x7 telehealth environments. Physicians may pull up live patient video feed along with patient vitals and medical records to collaborate remotely.

HP technology is hard at work behind the scenes so healthcare organisations can concentrate on providing the very best care to patients at lower total costs, thanks to a proven record of creating powerful, highly secure and available systems specifically for the healthcare industry.

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