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The Linx International Group’s USP is simple: premium consultancy services combined with unrivalled training expertise in security management, systems and technology.

The NHS is one of the most prolific gatherers of data in the world. It’s not surprising as it employs 1.4m people, caters for a population of nearly 70m and sees about 800,000 + patients every day.

CDEC, an award-winning provider of AV/IT solutions across the UK, has been serving the needs of the healthcare sector since 2000.


Digital transformation is one of the UK government’s latest challenges.

LapCabby delivers portable and static digital technology storage, charge and sync solutions

In response to the recent WannaCry Ransomware incident the question regarding ways to stay on top of similar risks has been at the forefront.

Medical professionals in a healthcare environment have a special set of IT requirements.

Dell EMC remains unique as the only single source provider of precision end-to-end workstation solutions on the market today.

Billions of pounds of savings mandated between now and 2020 must come from non-pay sources.

As traditional crime rates continue to fall, cyber crime is heading in the other direction, while the IOT’s is multiplying the vectors of possible attack.

In light of the cyber-attack that hit 150 countries last week, Dave Lee, BBC’s North America technology reporter, said: “There are going to be some tough questions for those institutions which didn't do enough to keep their networks secure, as well as the organizations that were best placed to stop it happening in the first place - the NSA and Microsoft.”

Established in 1991 we’re one of the UK’s largest privately owned IT hardware manufacturers supplying configured to order IT hardware and infrastructure solutions, deployed and supported by our own nationwide network of engineers.

Outstanding patient care is the primary goal of any healthcare organisation, however to deliver services effectively inevitably means holding a surprisingly diverse amount of confidential

In today’s NHS, there are overlapping organisations which need to exchange information reliably and efficiently.

Centerprise International Ltd

Centerprise International Ltd was established in 1983 and over the past 30 years has developed a strong reputation as one of the UK’s most respected IT providers.


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