Investing in GP surgeries for better healthcare

Working in partnership
At Octopus Healthcare, we believe better buildings can make a real difference to people’s health and wellbeing. Over the last decade, we have partnered with hundreds of GP practices, trusts and other NHS providers to deliver state-of-the-art facilities for patients and communities.

Working closely with commissioners to support new models of care, we help to devise and implement corresponding strategies. Our work covers transactions, modernisations and developments of premises, incorporating individual GP aims and improvements to patient services.

We have a longstanding commitment to investing and developing for the future of UK healthcare infrastructure. Working on new models, and with new organisations, our approach is always to invest in and develop buildings as focal points for change.

A long-term, value-based approach
Accordingly, we are focused on building strong relationships and providing long-term financial value. Our aim is to enable others to operate effectively and implement a sustainable strategy, from meeting patient expectations and providing greater accessibility to delivering a wider range of services.

As a healthcare partner, we also have a high awareness of sector developments. We address integrated commissioning as part of constant evolution, while supporting the goal of combined health and social care tailored to the individual.

Similarly, we know that our partners face a multitude of challenges. That’s why an end-to-end development process is integral to all our projects, supporting our partners with expertise and guidance at every stage. This allows us to provide certainty within the changing landscape, reduce the load on others and ensure a refined, cost-efficient process.

Better experiences and outcomes
The buildings we invest in and develop are underpinned by our core aim to deliver better experiences and outcomes for the patients and staff that use them.

Beyond creating more space and improving facilities, we use technology to introduce efficiencies in terms of day-to-day systems, overall costs and healthcare infrastructure. We work with attention to current recommendations and resources, and above all the needs of the building’s community.

In all these ways we look to create foundations for the future and offer a brighter way for healthcare.

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