Isosec launches Password Reset Service – fully secure self-service for Windows Active Directory

Did you know that a third of all calls to many NHS IT Helpdesks are regarding forgotten passwords? Historically forgotten Windows Active Directory passwords have been not only a drain on resources for NHS IT staff, but can also be an inefficient and high-risk process.

The Password Reset Service from Isosec adds a simple and user-friendly functionality to the Windows login screen that allows a user to reset their own password with self-service, using pre-formatted and agreed secure recovery processes. The Password Reset Service is delivered from Isosec’s Secure Hub, a dedicated SaaS enabled secure platform confirming to the latest NHS UK and international security and authentication standards, including Cyber Essentials accreditation.

If an NHS user forgets their Windows password and they’re not using the new Password Reset solution from Isosec, they have to call their helpdesk and ask them to reset their password. This is not only wasting their valuable time that could be better spent with patients or on other tasks, but with our leadership position with IT security solutions for the NHS, we would have to question how secure password reset is when the user’s identity is checked over the phone?

As well as potential security risks with a manual password reset process, it also ties up valuable time and resources for both helpdesk and the password owner. This new solution from Issoec will help free up valuable time that can be better spent on more important and critical tasks.

“Isosec operate at the frontline of innovation to the NHS. Our new Password Reset Service is the latest solution we have delivered to our NHS customers that solves real world problems with a best in class, secure software service. At the centre of the service is our Secure Hub, ensuring our customers have peace of mind with total digital security.” says Michael Latimer, Isosec CEO.

There are multiple ways a user can recover their password with the Isosec Password Reset solution; such as setting a minimum of five security questions and answers, registering an alternate email address, push notification or biometric validation. Users of the NHS Smartcard can also use them to authenticate the reset process.

Using the Isosec Cloud Service, the Password Reset solution is easily deployed across large IT estates and automatically updated without the internal IT team having to spend their valuable time on updating it for every individual machine. This allows for a fast, easy rollout, even across multiple physical sites if necessary. The service is optimised to work in any IT infrastructure deployment model.

This latest announcement follows the successful launch of the Isosec Virtual Smartcard in January 2018. Today, Isosec has more than 75 NHS Trust customers and 90,000+ users who are already successfully using the full range of Isosec solutions and services.

For any more information please email us or visit our Password Reset solution page to find out more.

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