ISS Healthcare

Founded in 1984, ISS Healthcare is one of the leading providers of facility services for the National Health Service, employing around 14,000 people.

The company started with a cleaning background but it quickly established a fine reputation for providing a wide range of Soft FM including catering, portering and other related services. Since 2001 the company has also been providing Hard FM or Estates Services directly to hospitals across the UK.

Providing services into the healthcare environment introduces a different set of challenges; the core customer is the patient. By their very nature the patients in any hospital are vulnerable; it could be that they are elderly, disabled, confused or simply nervous about the treatment they are receiving.

As a market leader, ISS Healthcare is always looking to innovate and to come up with ideas that benefit and enhance the service it provides. The harnessing of technology is something that ISS has a great track record in globally, having signed a signal co-operation agreement with IBM to bring the Internet of Things into tangible service delivery. This development is starting to be introduced in workplace management, with the benefits being realised by the ISS Customers across the world.

In the area of patient catering, here in the UK, ISS Healthcare serve approximately 11 million meals per year. Along with food manufacturer, Anglia Crown they have been working very closely to develop exciting and nutritious meals that will enhance the patients stay experience.

Chris Ash, Managing Director, ISS Healthcare said: “Over the past 30+ years we have demonstrated that we are a true and loyal partner for the NHS. Having a global reach we are able to harness innovation, wherever it has been developed. This has proved to be so successful in so many ways. It may sound odd now, but ISS were the first to introduce microfiber into the NHS and probably the first to introduce real time communications with their Portering and Logistic teams. Now, as we see continual development in technology based solutions we are looking at yet more new ideas that will help our customers. However, we will always be a ‘People Company’ and to be successful in working with the NHS you must have a compassionate understanding of the needs of the patients.”

This is at the core of ISS Healthcare’s understanding and embodied within the Company motto ‘People Serving People’ as they strive to provide excellence with long-term sustainable goals.

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