Legal Recoveries & Collections Ltd

Legal Recoveries & Collections Ltd is a nationwide specialist debt recovery legal practice. We offer a complete cost effective bespoke service for pre-legal and post legal recoveries. Our two strongest sectors are healthcare and higher education. We can recover money from consumers or commercial organisations.

Our Services

Our services include pre-legal collections, litigation (including disputed matters), post judgment enforcement, credit control, tracing (including employment) and company information reports.

We are a proud supplier to NHS Shared Business Services and have acted for around 50 NHS trust clients. Through our experience and knowledge, we have handled 323,000 cases with a value of over £525 million. We specialise in private patient debts, overseas visitor debts, salary overpayments, prescription debts and commercial debts.

Our aim is to achieve the maximum recovery at a minimum cost to you. We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service which will ensure that your reputation is kept intact when dealing with your patients/customers.

Regulation and compliance

We have a real focus on compliance and are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority which allows us to operate as a law firm dealing with all matters in-house. Our legal team can represent you in court for contentious/defended matters.

We are members of the Credit Services Association, which ensures that we maintain very high standards of customer care. Our “Treating Customers Fairly” policy delivers a fair outcome for our clients and their customers. We are open about the way we carry out our business and how we are remunerated. Our mission is to work together with our clients and their customers to provide the most appropriate solutions for their individual needs with the highest level of service.

Our strategies

Clients use our online Debt Manager System which can be accessed 24/7 to track cases, view correspondence, costs, reports and recovery rates etc. Correspondence and new cases/documents can be uploaded directly to us which saves valuable time and resources. Any updates are recorded in real time and can be viewed instantaneously.

Most of our pre-legal strategies commence with a 30 day collection period when debtors receive three letters, telephone calls, SMS texts and emails (where possible). If the debtor does not respond we would make our recommendations as to the next steps. If your customer is a private individual or sole trader, then before court action can be started, we would need to send a “letter before claim” under the new pre-action protocol which came into effect from October 2017. This gives the debtor a further 30 days to respond. If the debtor disputes the debt we can carry on representing you.

We use the quicker and more cost effective Claims Productions Centre to issue claims through the County Court. Once judgment has been obtained there are several enforcement methods available and we would advise you case by case which are the best ones depending on the circumstances. For example, the County Court Bailiffs or High Court Enforcement Agents (depending on the size of the debt) would visit premises and seize property to be sold to repay the debt. Alternatively, if the debtor is in employment a very powerful tool is an Attachment of Earnings Order which would deduct money directly from a debtor’s salary.

Overseas debtors

International debts follow our 30 day collection strategy and then a “trace and collect” approach. We have developed a number of business partnerships that ensure international debts are pursued. If there is no response from the debtor we would consult with you and give advice on the possible actions you could take and give advice on the prospect of success in each case.

Before taking court action we would determine in which country it is most appropriate to commence legal proceedings. We would take into account the terms and conditions applicable to the contract and to jurisdiction where applicable. Advice would be given on specific EU procedures, e.g. The European Order for Payment procedure.

Credit Control

Debt recovery is an integral part of any business or organisation. We have the resources and expertise to assist you with credit control. We could act as a temporary solution, an extension of your existing credit control department helping with busy periods or covering staff absences (holidays or maternity leave etc.) or we could carry out all of your credit control. Either way valuable resources would be saved.

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