Do you want to make a huge saving on electronic invoicing, enabling you to go paperless faster?

In order to comply the NHS eProcurement strategy all public sector organizations and suppliers to the public sector have to follow the GS1 and PEPPOL standards.


Suppliers to the NHS have been amended to place master product data in the GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) certified datapool. The GS1 standards are mandatory for the identification and description of products procured by a trust.

mySupply have an integration to a tested and certified GDSN Data Pool for exchanging product data on GDSN, and we meet the GS1 standards.


You will need to sign up to and then integrate with a PEPPOL access point that provides the capabilities you require to receive and send electronic messages with the NHS.

Whether you are a public sector organization or a supplier to the public sector, it is required that you adopt the PEPPOL standards in order to follow the NHS eProcurement strategy.

mySupply has entered into a framework agreement (RM3784) with Crown Commercial Service (CCS) for the implementation of a PEPPOL Access Point for the NHS and public organizations in the UK.

With a certified provider of PEPPOL Access Point, you are able to realise benefits early and electronically exchange purchase orders and invoices without manual intervention.


If you don’t already have an electronic catalogue, you should expect to implement a solution in which you encompass all goods and services, with the exception of medicines.

One of the main advantages of using e-catalogues in the purchase process is fewer delivery errors and return orders where e-catalogues and electronic orders are used.

mySupply specializes in implementing and supporting solutions within Supplier Relationship Management, e-catalogues and integrations.


An automated Order Invoice Flow eliminate the use of paper, reduces routine work and invoice errors as well as it frees up time to focus on your core business. No more manual processes, lost invoices, delayed payments and duplicated work.

A Purchase Order (PO) will allow you to handle the process, and an invoice matching the invoice data with the PO will be generated.


Supplier activation is an analysis of the procurement processes and the potential of electronic invoicing.

mySupply offers to assist you with electronic document exchange. We advise you in reducing costs and optimizing processes - for the benefit of both you and your business partners.

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