NH Case Ltd

NH Case Ltd

NH Case Ltd is a family-owned company, having been established for over 90 years. We now supply manufacturers, wholesalers and caterers with all kinds of frozen food from frozen meat, fish and vegetables to complete meals. and care homesas well as many other business sectors

Our fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles operates across the UK, with fish processing in Grimsby and ready meal production in Warminster, Wiltshire.

Our Fish
Having our own fish processing site, established 25 years ago in Grimsby, ensures that all fish comes directly from the best suppliers and is processed in a company-controlled facility, overseen by our experienced and knowledgeable managers.

Our aim is to provide the best quality product by using only authorised, regularly audited suppliers. We’ve developed good, long-term relationships particularly in Iceland and New Zealand, emphasising ongoing product consistency.  Regular communication with our suppliers gives us flexibility to offer our customers perfect products for their application.

Marine Stewardship Council

Serious commitment to supply sustainable has led to our accreditation by the Marine Stewardship Council since 2008.

NH Case are accredited by MSC to process and sell hoki, Alaskan pollock, Pacific salmon, cod, haddock and a wide variety of added-value products.

Catch Documentation Schemes

Our suppliers must provide full traceability of all our fish imports back to the catching vessel via the catch certificate, giving us complete confidence in the authenticity of the fish stocks we source.

Responsible Fishery Schemes

The Icelandic Government has gone a step further and has introduced a licensing scheme for all participants in fish production called Icelandic Responsible Fisheries.

All of our IQF Ice Maid cod, haddock, plaice and lemon sole are from this responsible, sustainable source.

Ready Meal Production
Our purpose-built factory produces an extensive range of frozen ready-meals including multi-portion, individual and complete meals. We make over 50,000 ready meals a week from a bank of over 350 recipes, as well as frozen pies, pastries, and burgers.

Menu Planning and Bespoke Development

Menu Planning
We offer quality products at very good value and, because every customer has different requirements, we dedicate sales managers to specific sectors, tailoring individual solutions for our customers. Our highly experienced sales team works to understand each customer’s requirements and create a suitable partnership package.

The dedicated NH Case technical team offers invaluable advice on menu design and full nutritional and dietary information. We also provide a bespoke development service to meet each customer’s individual requirements.

We help to ensure your menu offers a wide variety of choice to satisfy every requirement. We consider the nutritional and dietary requirements needed to achieve a balanced diet and prepare sample menus incorporating anything from a 1 to 4 week cycle. Menus are priced to provide projected budget costs on a total food cost and per-portion basis.

Bespoke Product Development
Our Development Chef designs dishes following discussions with each customer. Taking on board their suggestions, the response incorporates dietary and nutritional requirements, taste and texture profiles, estimated budget costs, portion size and packaging.

Whether your operation is large or small, we are happy to discuss your frozen food requirements. For a representative selection of our satisfied customers, please contact us.

Previous Projects
Examples of bespoke development projects include:
1). Adapting an existing range of products to meet nutritional requirements, including salt reduction, sugar reduction, removal of transfats and increased protein levels.
2). A new range of hearty soups that are satisfying and delicious meals on their own. Flavours include Curried Parsnip and Pear, Pulled Ham and Pea, Chicken and Root Vegetable and Tomato & Roast Pepper.

Special Diets
There are a number of dishes in our range that cater for a wide variety of customer requirements, which include anything from soft diets to pureed meals, diabetic desserts and gluten-free dishes.

There are options for healthier eating and allergen-free diets as well as a good range of halal and kosher meals.

Our Simply Puree range of meals provides the complete solution including accompanying desserts. Working to the British Dietetic Association national descriptors, our meals reflect appropriate textures eliminating the worry of achieving the correct consistency for soft diet meals.

Our textured, pureed and reshaped meals are visually appetising, nutritionally balanced and above all delicious! Whether needed for two square meals a day or as a backup during recovery, flavour and quality are assured every time.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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