Philips Dream Family: One family, multiple solutions

A comfortable, patient-driven design to help you give your patients the sleep they need.

Obstructive sleep apnoea is extremely prevalent in the UK, with 4.1m(1) British adults suffering from the condition (0.9m diagnosed(1)), and as most health care professionals will know, can be difficult to treat. With a further 3m(1) people suffering with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) (1.2m(1) diagnosed) and a steady rise of obesity hypoventilation, it is becoming increasingly more important for medical professionals to be able to diagnose, assist and treat patients for respiratory diseases.

The Dream Family range from Philips Respironics offers innovative, comprehensive sleep therapy technology with sleek, patient-led design, and personalised tools to keep your patients engaged and therapy compliant.

Patients can look forward to a peaceful night’s sleep with ground-breaking sleep apnoea technology, that includes the Philips DreamWear full face mask, the Philips DreamMapper app and the brand-new travel CPAP system, Philips DreamStation Go.

Find out more about each member of the Dream Family below:

Philips DreamWear under the nose nasal & full face masks

Sleep apnoea masks are known to be uncomfortable and restricting. However, the Philips DreamWear patient interface range has been designed to give patients end-to-end treatment and allow them comfortable and unrestricted sleep.

The innovative designs prevent red marks, discomfort and irritation on the nose bridge and is the closest thing to wearing no mask at all(2).

The masks combine the innovative hose on the top of the head with a full face cushion or soft silicone frame to help your patients get a better night’s sleep.

In a recent trial, users reported being more satisfied with the comfort of DreamWear masks than with their prescribed mask3. In that same trial, users felt that the masks provided more freedom of movement when they sleep versus their prescribed mask(3).

The DreamWear patient interface range benefits healthcare professionals and patients by saving valuable resource on fittings and refits, as well as potentially reducing the number of masks needed to set up a patient. This is because of the flexibility of the system – patients can easily switch between nasal, full face and gel pillows to suit their mask to their needs, without having to change mask.

Philips DreamStation Go

For patients with sleep apnoea or other respiratory diseases, a night away from their own home can be a dreaded prospect. Packing all their treatment equipment can be a nightmare and taking a holiday ‘off the grid’ such as camping is a complete no-go.

Philips DreamStation Go is an ultra-portable positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy system designed for the frequent traveller. Your patients can rely on its unique blend of connectivity, packability and powerful, convenient features.

The DreamStation Go has a slim profile, compact footprint and revolutionary micro-flexible tubing, which offers high performance PAP therapy in a device that easily stows in existing baggage. It’s designed to facilitate easy airport screening and offers discretion while traveling.

The system is incredibly easy to use and is navigated with familiar swipe and tap gestures, making it simple for you to instruct patients on how to use it.

Your patients can also use DreamStation Go ‘off the grid’ with an option for an integrated overnight battery, offering patients protection from power interruptions.

Philips DreamMapper

The free Philips DreamMapper mobile app allows patients to track their therapy results wherever they go with multiple DreamMapper-enabled devices, including the DreamStation Go. Saving you time and supporting your sleep service.

By giving patients greater insight into their therapy data and providing the tools they need, they can troubleshoot common problems themselves, DreamMapper can free up your team’s time to see more new patients as well as manage those who may need extra attention.

It’s very simple to communicate the benefits of DreamMapper to your patients -  as our patient-specific website allows them to access information about the app and log-in or create an account.

DreamMapper is our best sleep apnoea engagement tool ever: 58.3% more people used their therapy every night when they used DreamMapper(4). a 283.3% higher success rate for users struggling with adherence to sleep therapy(5).

To make treating your patients even simpler, the app works with our EncoreAnywhere compliance data management system solution to offer you a cohesive package of therapy and compliance solutions.

One family, multiple solutions

With the Dream Family range, you can see that your patients benefit from a comfortable user-driven innovation that helps them get the best sleep they need in every possible way.

Designed to increase patient adoption, long term use and enhanced efficiencies so you can better attend to patient’s needs, the Dream Family can help your patients get the sleep they need while supporting your business goals.

For more information on these, and other products within the Dream Family range click here.


(1). Philips research, 2017, data on file.

(2). Design claim – the design of the mask is such that it does not contact the nasal bridge.

(3).Data analysis of Aug 2017 Patient Preference trial where n = 85 and prescribed masks include Resmed Airfit F10 and F20, Respironics Amara View and F&P Simplus; based on 10 days of use.

(4). 19% of DreamMapper users used their therapy 100% of the nights over 90-days versus 12% for the Standard Care users, a 58.33% increase. In a retrospective review conducted by Philips Respironics of the EncoreAnywhere database (see DreamMapper whitepaper) that compared DreamMapper patients (n=85,077) to users who did not use it (n=87,602).

(5). 46% 90-day adherence rate for DreamMapper patients versus 12% for the Standard Care group, a 283.33% increase. In a retrospective review conducted by Philips Respironics of the EncoreAnywhere database (see DreamMapper whitepaper) of struggling patients (n= 24,378).

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