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Obstructive sleep apnoea is extremely prevalent in the UK, 4.1m (1) British adults suffer from the condition (0.9m diagnosed (1)), and as most health care professionals will know, it can be difficult to treat. With a further 3m (1) people suffering with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) (1.2m (1) diagnosed) and a steady rise of obesity hypoventilation, it is becoming increasingly more important for medical professionals to be able to diagnose, assist and treat patients for respiratory diseases.

To make treating your patients simpler and more effective, Philips Respironics has designed its best engagement tool ever, DreamMapper.

The free DreamMapper mobile app allows patients to track their sleep apnoea therapy results wherever they go, with multiple DreamMapper-enabled devices, including the DreamStation Go. Saving you time, to support your sleep service.

There are many benefits to using DreamMapper which help patients stay motivated and on track with their therapy. By giving them greater insight into their therapy data and providing the right tools, patients can troubleshoot common problems themselves - meaning more time can be spent with new patients and those that may need extra attention.

Getting patients started with DreamMapper is simple, the software is convenient and additional information on how to set it up can be accessed through the patient specific website or through directly logging in or creating an account.

DreamMapper is our premier sleep apnoea engagement tool with 58.3% more people using their therapy treatment every night after using DreamMapper (2). It’s not only helping patients get a better night’s sleep, but making them feel more proactive and motivated by their treatment. DreamMapper improved patient adherence by 22% after using the service for just 90 days (3).

The patient driven design from the Philips Dream Family range is a result of interviews with daily users of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) technology, and the people who consistently manage their treatment. DreamMapper acts as a catalyst in helping people rediscover their dreams for long term use.

Designed to increase patient adoption, DreamMapper includes personalised tools to keep patients engaged throughout, by enabling them to view their progress every morning. The application has been designed to give feedback to patients on their night’s sleep and offers useful guides to help make improvements based on results. What’s more, the application allows patients to pre-set or create custom goals that can be monitored and tracked based on progression. These goals empower patients, making them feel like they have something to work towards. DreamMapper notifies and rewards patients when these goals have been met.

DreamMapper allows patients to get the coaching they need as they can seek advice on the go and set reminders. It offers several videos, guides and more to help patients maintain their Philips Respironics masks and DreamMapper compatible equipment. Reminders can be put in place to alert patients when they will need to clean or replace equipment.

DreamMapper is extremely easy to use, and is available for any smart phone, tablet or computer. For mobile, it can be accessed via Bluetooth connection to a Dream Family device, and when using a computer, it can be accessed by inserting the SD card included in the DreamStation or System One device.

The application offers innovative, comprehensive sleep therapy technology with sleek, patient-led design, and personalised tools to keep your patients engaged and therapy compliant. By coaching your patients with technology from the Philips Dream Family, they can look forward to a peaceful night’s sleep with ground-breaking sleep apnoea solutions, that include Philips DreamMapper, DreamWear full face mask, and the brand-new travel CPAP system, Philips DreamStation Go.

One family, multiple solutions

The Dream Family range provides the tools and equipment patients need to get the best sleep they can in every possible way.

Dream Family can help your patients get the sleep they need while supporting your business goals.

To find out more about the Philips DreamMapper app click here.


References / Claims

(1) Philips research, 2017, data on file.

(2) 19% of DreamMapper users used their therapy 100% of the nights over 90-days versus 12% for the Standard Care users, a 58.33% increase. In a retrospective review conducted by Philips Respironics of the EncoreAnywhere database (see DreamMapper whitepaper) that compared DreamMapper patients (n=85,077) to users who did not use it (n=87,602).

(3) In a retrospective review conducted by Philips Respironics of approximately 15,000 SystemOne patients.

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