Protective Antimicrobial Arm Wear for Better Health Care!

GIPskins has been developed as a response to the growing problem of arm injuries and skin to skin infections; suffered by social and healthcare workers.

We provide a solution to this escalating problem which we call our Grip Infection Protection system, known as GIPskins.

GIPskins are our patented PPE arm sleeves, which cover and protect the length of the forearm, upper arm and partially the hand. GIPskins are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, breathable, waterproof, Durable and re-useable, latex free, washable to 95 degrees, are antimicrobial, antifungal and stain (inc blood) resistant. In order, not to intimidate sensitive clients; GIPskins have been designed to be aesthetically non-threatening.

Personal Protective equipment (PPE) should be worn when at risk of direct contact with any blood and body fluids (BBF) is anticipated (loveday net al.,2014a: Royal College of Nursing, 2012; Seigel et al., 2007). This also underpins a study by (Infection Prevention Society 2017) stating the public prefer Health Care Workers to be gloved when performing personal care.
In terms of ‘behaviors that challenge’, GIPskins can reduce injuries to healthcare workers by preventing, scratching, grabbing or pinching due to frustration and or confusion especially with patients that suffer from Dementia, Alzheimer and Autism. According to the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) Employers have a duty to protect the health and safety of their employees. Furthermore, UNISON state - Where the risk of violence is identified it must be eliminated or reduced to the lowest level possible. Violence should not be put down to bad luck, incompetence or the result of individual personalities. It is work related, arising directly out of member’s jobs and the circumstances in which they have to work.

In addition, GIPskins solves the problem by complying with religious faith as our sleeve covers the forearm which will be beneficial to female Muslim professionals.

By combining innovative design with a specially bonded Dartex material, we can significantly reduce risk of injury & cross contamination; providing workers and employers with peace of mind.

Benefits of using GIPskins?

  • Providing confidence when delivering personal care, thereby resulting in increased productivity & motivation.
  • Enhanced infection control – with mutual protection for both service user & service provider.
  • Fully compliant with 1974 Health and Safety Act as injuries to health care workers have been highlighted as a risk.

Why use GIPskins?

Self-Care = Better Healthcare!

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