Releasing Your Greatness through great organisational consultancy

Tricordant is an organisational consultancy devoted to releasing the greatness within every client organisation; irrespective of market sector or business style. We do, however, have specific expertise across Health and Social Care organisations and systems. We are confident that we can release greatness within your organisation.

Our approach is based on 6 core operating principles; we:

  • Focus on delivering client value
  • Co-create sustainable solutions
  • Live out our values of trust, hope and love
  • Challenge and support you
  • Bring whole systems connections
  • Transfer skills and knowledge

Our services are bespoke designed to suit the specific issue faced by each client; answering the question “what is the problem?”  If you are not totally clear on your current problem area we will work with you to determine the root cause of presenting issues; then co-create sustainable solutions with you.  Our range of services can generally be categorised as:

  • Organisation Development
  • Organisation Design
  • Strategy
  • Workforce Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Systems Development
  • Process and Service Design

The detail of our work, however, is much broader than the categories may suggest.  We work with you from end to end of an assignment tackling as much as you need us to do at each stage.  We can work with you as a long term strategic partner, on a fixed price assignment or a day rate basis for smaller individual tasks.

Our services for Health and Social Care

Tricordant has deep expertise in consulting to health and social care organisations; commissioners, providers and national bodies.  Included within our consulting team are several ex Chief Executives, Directors and senior operational managers allowing us to bring significant operational experience and background to supplement our consulting expertise.  

We confidently work from Board to frontline operational services; and across the whole system, bringing stakeholders and partners together to develop improved system working.

Our work for health and social care, as for all market sectors, is bespoke designed to the specific need of each client organisation or system.  We work with the people within the organisations co-creating sustainable solutions based on their specific organisation knowledge and our consulting experience, industry knowledge and evidence.

Our work ranges from large ongoing strategic assignments across a whole system such as an STP through to individual organisation working on, for example, service reviews, Board development or even the occasional day facilitating workshops and away days.

Our main service to health and social care organisations are:

  • Strategy
  • Model of Care Development
  • Service Redesign & Clinical Strategies
  • Quality & Process Improvement
  • Commissioning Strategies & Plans

Behind this list, though, lies our ability to think and work through a ‘whole systems’ lens taking what we call an integrated approach.  By this we mean that no matter what the issue or category of work we always seek to locate the work within the wider context and understand the fuller implications of both problem and possible solution.  By taking this approach, and training client staff in the principles, we offer increased value for clients through the ability to create and implement more sustainable solutions that deliver improved outcomes.

Tricordant is a nimble consultancy able to mobilise and scale up at speed.  One of the ways in which we do this is through partnerships with like-minded consultancies and individual associates. Our partners and associates offer high quality skills which both complement and supplement our own allowing us increase capacity and capability according to the needs of each client. When we work with partners and associates this is a seamless relationship for the client whereby Tricordant manages the entire assignment handling all administration and, most importantly, quality of delivery.

Procurement Frameworks

We seek to make working with us a straightforward, easy and enjoyable experience.  One of the ways we can do this right at the start of the process is to provide easy to use procurement routes.  Obviously, you are very welcome to purchase directly from us if you are able to do so.  However, we also recognise the need for tenders and mini-competitions.  We have successfully obtained a place on some of the key public sector frameworks such as:

  • Management Consultancy Framework 1 (RM3745) - Lot 5 Health & Community
  • Health Trust Europe Consultancy & Advisory Services - Lot 1 Business Services
  • ESPO Consultancy Services 664-17 - Lot 1 Business Services
  • ELIS Transformation Change Framework 2.0 – Lot 2a Organisational System & Leadership Development
  • SCW CSU – DPS for System Transformation consultancy services

Tricordant is delighted to have been awarded a place on the Crown Commercial Services MCF1 framework and to be amongst the highest rankings for both quality of service and pricing.  This reflects our overall ethos of doing great work for clients at a realistic cost; delivering genuine value for money.

For this framework we have formed a consortium with two other consultancies; Consilium Partners and Rubicon Health Consulting, with whom we have long-standing relationships.  Through the consortium we offer clients a wide range of appropriate services delivered by skilled, professional consultants; the majority of whom have Chief Executive or Director level experience within the NHS, private healthcare, public sector and commercial organisations.

A little more about Tricordant

We work extensively throughout the UK and have also worked in Europe and internationally.

Tricordant values are Trust (live up to our promises), Hope (things can be better) and Love (relationships matter).  These values are important to us and all our team members work to ensure our behaviours demonstrate these values always; for the benefit of our clients and others with whom we come into contact.  Our ethos and values cause us to want to give into the lives of others; which we do financially by giving a percentage of our profits into the Tricordant Foundation which then uses the funds to benefit a range of charitable endeavours.   We are a certified BCorp.  BCorp is to business what fair trade is to coffee; requiring member businesses to also have social and environmental aims and achievements. In 2018 we are included in the “Best in the World” list having been recognised as one of top 10% of B Corps worldwide.

Tricordant is a founding sponsor of the European Organisation Design Forum (EODF) with one of our Directors the current Chair.  We are also founding sponsors of the Organisation Design Network Europe (ODNE).  We are actively involved in the wider development of OD consulting practice through these and other networks, including academic, in which we are involved; such as NTL, Brunel and Edinburgh Napier Universities where we have faculty representation.

Spring 2018 sees Tricordant experiencing a significant transformation of our own.  After 12 years of successful trading with are reimagining ourselves with a new logo, overhaul of our branding and new website.  We are also taking the time to take stock of our services and our culture; with one prime focus – to deliver even better customer service and value.  The new website should be live by early July so do check it out when you get a chance.

The final word, though, has to be about our great team who are the people delivering the work to our amazing clients.  Our team are professional consultants with significant leadership careers as the foundation of their experience.  We work as a unified team, with clear assignment leadership and responsibilities.

We are always happy to supply references from our many happy clients; and we look forward to adding you to the list very soon.

Let’s talk and get to know one another.

Our contact details:

Commercial Director

John Taylor,, 07725 813062

Office Manager

Emma Engstrom,

Freephone number 0800 542 9290

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