Safety Technology International Ltd

Over the past 35 years Safety Technology International has built a reputation of being the ‘problem solvers’ when it comes to protecting essential fire and security products from vandalism or misuse.

Headquartered in Michigan, USA and European Office in Worcestershire, England; Safety Technology International Ltd continues to provide professional and reliable products that help prevent false fire alarms, deter vandalism, misuse, tampering and theft.

Within the range are audible polycarbonate protective covers designed to retrofit over manual call points and reduce the risk of accidental or malicious false activations.

Every false fire alarm is costly and disruptive to establishments. An avoidable amount of the tax payers’ money is wasted and unnecessary strain is put on the emergency services, as a result of false fire alarm call outs. A false alarm causes inconvenient evacuations, affecting routine by causing disruption amongst staff and patients.

One solution to tackle false alarms is to install a polycarbonate cover which will easily retrofit over any existing call points, providing instant protection. Covers are available with an optional, localised alarm which will help to prevent malicious activation. A 96 dB siren will activate and draw immediate attention to the area and the culprit. Accidental false fire alarms (e.g. a trolley knocking into a call point) can easily be prevented by installing call point covers.

Also within the Stopper Line are alarm devices for fire doors and extinguishers. The Exit Stopper is a unique and highly effective way to alert you to any unauthorised exits or entries through emergency exit doors. The highly visible ‘STOP’ sign discourages unauthorised use of emergency doors. New features to the Exit Stopper (available Autumn 2017) include a visual and audible warning signal, low battery indicator and dual language warning instruction labels. The Extinguisher Stopper is a sturdy, tamperproof, self-contained device which leaves the fire extinguisher completely accessible for emergencies. A cable wraps around the neck of the extinguisher and when removed from the unit will activate a powerful 95/105 dB alarm to alert to any misuse or removal of the Extinguisher. The alarm is also convenient in the case of a real emergency as it will alert people in the surrounding areas to the fire.

STI also stock an extensive and varied range of heavy-duty cages which have been specially designed to protect smoke detectors, beacons and more, from vandalism, misuse or accidental damage.

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