Scotmas – Making Water Safe in Healthcare

Scotmas is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of Chlorine Dioxide water treatment systems. Founded in 1998, Scotmas was the first company to produce simpler, easy to use Chlorine Dioxide products and systems. With Headquarters in the Borders of Scotland, Scotmas produces a wide range of products, ranging from 2 gram tablets suitable for disaster operations, thorugh to large generation systems for municipal water treatment and offshore oil applications.

Scotmas water treatment systems provide 24/7 fully automated protection against legionella, pseudomonas and other dangerous bacteria to patient in over 20 major NHS trusts across the UK.

Healthcare environments present some of the greatest challenges in keeping complex hot and cold water systems free from dangerous pathogens such as Legionella. Vulnerable elderly, young, and immunocompromised patients, such as those on burns and transplant wards must be protected from all possible sources of infection. Chlorine Dioxide is an effective method for the removal of pseudomonas in hospital water.

Scotmas pioneered the use of Chlorine Dioxide within the UK NHS in the late 1990s. Today we are proud to be able to protect over 20,000 patients who use our advanced Chlorine Dioxide dosing systems, to provide high quality water where it is needed most.

Our approach begins with a thorough understanding of your current Water Safety Plan and Risk Assessment. Our in-house team of microbiologists and medical professionals are fully conversant with healthcare specific regulations such as HTM04-01, and are on hand to discuss your requirements and current areas of concern on a totally confidential basis.
Next, our team of engineers install one of our advanced Chlorine Dioxide dosing and control systems within the plant room. These systems use the latest chemistry and engineering technology to generate tiny amounts of Chlorine Dioxide on-demand within the water system, for safe hospital legionella control. We ensure that there is no storage of "free" Chlorine Dioxide solutions which present a health and safety risk in the plant room.

Finally, we use state of the art monitoring and control devices placed in strategic locations around the premises to data-log and feedback on the levels of biocide within the water at point of use. This helps to protect areas of high vulnerability such as neonatal or dialysis wards, as well as provide valuable feedback on potential areas of bacterial contamination in the water system. This information is logged on-site, as well as via our secured web portal that will provide you up to 3 years of auditable records at the click of a mouse.

Since converting to a Scotmas system, major NHS Trusts have reported reductions in the number of Legionella and Pseudomonas counts of up to 98%. The requirement for extensive manual sampling has been eliminated. In demanding conditions, the Scotmas Bravo removed and suppressed the further growth of Legionella and Pseudomonas in both the hot and cold water systems, even in the presence of scale and biofouling. Chloring Dioxide from a Scotmas system offers a proven and reliable means of controlling dangerous bacterial infection for safe drinking water, whilst maintaining all the required audit compliance logs needed to satisfy regulations within the sector.

Chlorine Dioxide treatments from Scotmas are affordable, approved by regulators for continuous use in drinking water supplies, and are backed by a team of professionals totally committed to ensuring the highest standards of patient safety within your building.

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