Scott & Mears: taking the headache out of debt recovery

Ask any medical professional their biggest headache and the chances are they will say getting paid promptly or, indeed, at all, will rank very high on the list.

The amount of time spent chasing money can be demoralising and, often, fatally damaging to a practice. Thirty eight billion pounds are owed to the nation’s small businesses including doctors and 25 per cent of all businesses going into liquidation do so because they are owed money. Frightening statistics indeed – and ones with which Bill Baddeley is all too familiar so do not become part of them – ACT TODAY.

Scott & Mears are a professional debt recovery company that have been assisting their clients for the last twenty nine years with the age-old problem of collecting money owed for services and products.

In that time Scott & Mears has been providing clients with an unrivalled level of service and professionalism in the recovery of delinquent accounts across a wide range of business sectors including medical, retail, finance, property and manufacturing. It offers a complete range of debt recovery services from tracing absconders to obtaining and enforcing a County Court Judgment.

Bill said: “We have helped hundreds of clients to recover millions of pounds from thousands of debtors.  Don’t be one of the hundreds of firms or practices that suffer from reduced profits, administration, bankruptcy or liquidation because your debtors have stopped paying you.

“We undertake the recovery of our clients’ debts as a personal challenge, one we aim to excel in at every opportunity. Indeed, such is our commitment we consider it a failure if we don’t exceed our clients’ expectations.

“Over many years we have evolved our collection methods and documentation to ensure your customer understands that you are serious about the recovery of your debt. We don’t offer a ‘bully boy’ collection service and never will – our experience has proven time and time again that a professional approach is the most effective for recovering debts. All of our actions are undertaken in accordance with FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) guidelines and compliance with the Credit Services Association (CSA) Code of Conduct.

“Upon receipt of your instruction, recovery action will be commenced in agreement with the client’s recovery profile. Within 24 hours of receipt of your instruction we will have forwarded your patient/customer a letter explaining that we are acting for you, the amount of debt, the reason for the debt and a request for payment.

“As we are a pro-active telephone/letter collection agency the location of our clients and their debtors is of no relevance.

“Should this action fail to elicit a response, our collection negotiators will contact your customer by telephone and attempt to negotiate a full settlement. Dependent on the outcome of these negotiations, further action will be instigated as required to secure your funds in the shortest possible time. Our aim is always to recover your debt as quickly as possible.

“We aim to ensure all of our staff have the knowledge to be of assistance to both clients and their customers as required.”

So what are the advantages of using a debt collection agent rather than a solicitor? Bill said: “We only charge a fee if we are successful in recovering your debt and aim to do so within 90 days. If we are unable to recover your debt then we do not charge you. When debts are recovered, we would take a pre arranged commission percentage. There are no hidden administration or handling costs. A solicitor will charge you an hourly rate and proceedings could take several months. Taking a debtor straight to court does not guarantee success, either. You always run the risk of walking away with nothing but hefty litigation and court costs.

“At all times we act in a strictly professional manner, always aware that we are representing your practice/company. By acting in this professional manner you will never have to waste your valuable time on resolving customer complaints.  We are members of the Credit Services Association and strictly adhere to their Code of Conduct enabling us to collect debts in an ethical and professional manner and you to have complete peace of mind knowing that we are representing you or your practice/company in the way you would wish us to.

“It has long been a philosophy of Scott & Mears that we work as a team alongside and together with our clients. We are there to assist them with a particular part of their business with which they are having a problem; to act as an extension of their own credit control procedures. As such we are very aware that we are representing their company and we will never do or say anything that will damage their reputation. ‘Professionalism’ has long been a maxim of Scott & Mears.”

The services offered include:-

Debt Recovery
Litigation including enforcement of County Court Judgments
Account Monitoring
Detailed Computerised Reporting
Worldwide Debt Recovery

For an initial discussion about how we help you to recover outstanding debts, please call us today.

01702 466300

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