Who saves more lives: The “IT guy” or the doctor?

Modern day healthcare centres on IT. Healthcare providers rely on the "IT guy" to ensure 24/7 access to patient medical records and availability of medical equipment. A stable network is a key component in any healthcare institution if it is to effectively run devices supporting patient welfare. This makes monitoring and sustaining the IT network more important than ever before.

What if it goes wrong?

Despite advances in technology, issues still occur. Such issues can pose a serious problem for healthcare providers. If patient treatment is delayed due to IT interruption it could have serious consequences. Vital information regarding that patient could be missed, which, worst case, could jeopardise their recovery.

So who's at fault?

If the IT infrastructure fails, blame can easily be shifted to IT staff. However, there are myriad of risks that come with healthcare's digitisation, including cyber criminals and inclement weather, which could lead to system downtime.

Despite the best network protection available, any digitalised facility with access to personal identity records is a potential target for cyber criminals. All we can expect from a hospital's IT department is to take preventative measures wherever it can.

What's the best way to prevent IT systems from incurring downtime?

It’s what most entities and consumers expect: 100% availability and reliability of IT servers, systems, devices and applications. Downtime costs money, and in the health industry, could cost lives.

As with our health - “prevention is better than cure” - preventing downtime is better than rectifying the issue after it’s happened. This is what a unified monitoring system, such as PRTG Network Monitor, does.

The IT department can monitor their infrastructure 24/7 and discover problems before they blow-up. This can include anything from security breaches to the over-heating of blood fridges – if it’s connected to the network, it can be monitored.

Healthcare providers have a social responsibility to ensure their IT infrastructure is protected on all levels, if they are to ensure patients get the care they need.

Find out more about PRTG Network Monitor in the Healthcare sector. We’ll also be at the Digital Healthcare Show in ExCeL on 28-29 June.

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