B2B Router

PEPPOL made easy for everyone!

B2B Router has been a Certified PEPPOL Access Point since 2012. Our Premium Business service is the simplest and most affordable solution for suppliers to become PEPPOL compliant for the NHS e-Procurement program.

With B2BRouter, suppliers can reach all their NHS buyers through one single PEPPOL Access Point connection, sending PEPPOL invoices easily, by entering invoice details into a simple web-portal template or creating them from incoming Orders.

The B2B Router portal sends e-mail notifications when PEPPOL Orders are received and provides a facility to flip orders into invoices, ready to send out at the touch of a button. All activity can be monitored through the portal, while invoices, orders and other documents can be downloaded in PDF or other formats, for internal use.

Clients can expand their use of the portal to include non-NHS buyers or suppliers, as multiple formats are supported - or they can upgrade at any time, if volumes increase, to send or receive electronic files directly to and from their ERP systems, supported by Invinet’s excellent team of integration experts.

A simple and affordable solution for NHS Suppliers

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