Bell First Aid Training Ltd

Bell First Aid Training is run by a husband and wife team who are passionate about delivering high quality first aid instruction to those who need it. Bell First Aid Training currently delivers first aid courses for adult and Paediatrics alike. Many of the courses we deliver are fine-tuned to meet the individual needs of the customer, anything from a 2 day Paediatric course with extra emphasis placed on Asthma or Diabetes, to the more complex needs of a dental practice who require emergency drugs and oxygen.

Debbie is a RN with a wide range of clinical experience. Mike not only had a long career in the armed forces, using his skills as a trained medic. Mike also has very strong business acumen, working in the financial sector for many years. Both Mike and Debbie are first level responder’s FREC Level 3. Bell First Aid Training trains nationwide

No matter what course you need, you will always get 2 instructors. Individuals who highlight any special learning needs are offered training on a one to one basis if needed. Certificates are always awarded on the same day, for those who pass the assessments required.

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