Body Worn Video Systems UK

Body Worn Video Systems UK are a supplier of the best value body-worn cameras for military, government, police and security providers around the world.

We provide affordable, robust, user-friendly overt, body worn CCTV camera equipment and accessories that you can trust.

Body Worn Video Systems UK are an up-coming business, specializing in excellent value Body Worn Camera systems that capture evidence from a first person perspective. Our equipment has a proven and major impact on crime reduction, abuse, violence and less complaints against the wearer, and the associated cost reductions.

We aim to provide body worn video cameras and accessories to suit your needs and your organisations requirements. We listen to our customers and work with them to address their needs through innovative solutions.

Body Worn Video cameras are used to capture vital evidence whenever users find themselves in a potentially violent, threatening or difficult situation. Body Cameras can help diffuse situations as they alert offenders that their actions are being recorded and could be used in court against them. Footage can be used as evidence if the suspect is prosecuted and has been proven to increase the number of guilty pleas saving valuable time and money.

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