Central Park Cleaning Solutions

Food is only as good as the kitchen it's cooked in.

Whether you run a restaurant or a community centre with a small kitchen, your organisation can benefit from deep kitchen cleaning.

At Central Park Cleaning Solutions, we use only the most powerful kitchen cleaning equipment to give you the very best in hygiene and cleanliness.

Commercial kitchens are also subject to certain health and safety regulations.

We can assure that you pass with flying colours. What's more our services can be tailored to meet your timescale.

We understand that commercial kitchens don't work to the usual 9-5 schedule, so our kitchen cleaners can work to a contract designed around your hours.

We'll take care of extraction system cleaning and anything else you need. Extraction system cleaning is particularly essential as it could pose a fire risk if left untended.

Our kitchen cleaners can also reach tricky areas such as canopies, filters and wall surfaces above 6ft.Is your insurance provider asking for proof that your extraction systems are clean and safe? We can give you certificates and reports to demonstrate that you've done your part to keep your business and premises safe.

Clean extraction and ducting systems are a must if you're going to meet Health and Safety requirements.

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