Why Hospital Fire Safety Signage is so Important

At Firemark we’ve been leading the way in fire safety and prevention for more than 45 years. Today, we consider ourselves the complete fire safety partner, providing extinguisher, riser and fire door inspection; installation and maintenance. Our products work better, last longer and need less care and attention than their rivals, however we hope you never need to use them, so we offer planning and prevention services to reduce the likelihood of such an event.

Seconds count and delays cost lives, so it’s crucial you have a detailed and customised Evacuation Plan as well as the equipment and signage to implement it. By displaying accurate Fire Escape Plans, you will be improving the safety of all the buildings occupants.

Our professionally designed Fire Escape Plans are the best available, using a clear, simple to follow image of the floor which shows only the information that is relevant to a quick and safe fire evacuation. These Evacuation Plans support the legal requirements to communicate your emergency evacuation procedures and follow current and emerging international standards.
Firemark has a vast experience of working with the NHS, We currently hold exclusive fire maintenance contracts at over 20 NHS Trusts, and more than 10 major Universities. To find out more please contact us.

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