Protecting your healthcare facility with Gallagher

In today’s healthcare industry there are a number of key challenges such as protecting staff and patients, guaranteeing the safe and secure storage of medication and medical equipment, procuring a solution capable of meeting comprehensive auditing requirements to name but a few.

Gallagher’s access control system and Command Centre central management platform, can provide control over access in and out of areas within your healthcare facility. With access profiles that change on a daily basis, as medical staff often move between different departments on different days, making it a key requirement of any access control system to have the ability to be updated simply and efficiently.

The safe and secure storage of medication and medical equipment – ranging from syringes and surgical tools, to large expensive machinery – is a requirement of all hospitals. Gallagher’s access control solution forms a part of the security system that can deliver this for your facility. Utilising a single access card system - where permissions can be set to allow different access - ensures the efficient movement of staff, reduces the risks associated with handling keys, and provides a comprehensive audit trail that identifies access movements by employee.

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