H1 Healthcare

H1 Healthcare is a successful, recruitment company providing suitably qualified Medical and Care professionals to both the Public and Private Healthcare sectors throughout the UK.

Every week H1 Healthcare supplies thousands of hours of high calibre, temporary staff to clients requiring short term cover for absence or as a long term staffing solution. You too can enjoy a less stressful worklife by outsourcing your staffing worries to H1 Healthcare.

The H1 Healthcare philosophy is: “We care deeply about people and quality of life”
These two simple thoughts form the guiding principles behind everything H1 Healthcare does, for their staff and for the people they serve, particularly those at difficult life stages or least in control of their lives.

H1 Healthcare believes “It takes special people to make others feel special and to help them be at their best”. This is why they select and train their staff beyond accepted sector norms, encourage their personal development, applaud their initiative and reward their spirited determination.

It’s these qualities which sets H1 Healthcare people apart and brings sunshine to cloudy days.

Find out more about H1 Healthcare by visiting their website or by calling the team. Alternatively you can email them.

0845 6432610

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