Messly is a innovative digital solution helping NHS Trusts reduce agency spending.

Our collaborative digital bank solution enables hospitals to more effectively build their medical bank to quickly and reliably fill locum shifts.

We help Trusts to quickly build up their internal bank of doctors by connecting them to our medical community through our mobile app. We also build engagement with current and former employees and manage the doctor’s compliance process to get them onto the Trust bank as quickly as possible. Doctors can receive alerts, set their availability and book shifts instantly from their mobiles enabling them to fill shifts through bank rather than agency.

The main benefits our customers have seen are:

  • Increase in internal fill rates by up to 50%, and consequent reduction in agency spend.
  • Our solution is cash positive within 3 months.
  • Up to 5x increase in size of the staff bank.
  • Faster and more reliable staff onboarding using our paperless tools.
  • Real-time analytics and insights into temporary staffing needs.
  • Reduction in staff time spent filling shifts
  • Increased staff satisfaction levels

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