New report released to promote best practice standards of care for the management of medication across secondary care.

Earlier this year, the Department of Health found that in England 237 million mistakes occur at some point in the medication process. A new report ‘SAFE: Banishing Medication Errors in Secondary Care (Safeguard Against Frontline Errors)’ has been launched by Omnicell UK & Ireland, the world-leading provider of automated healthcare and medication adherence solutions. The report is part of an ongoing campaign to raise awareness and promote best practice for the management of medication to help drive change and improve patient safety across healthcare settings in secondary care.

Authored by a leading pharmaceutical expert, the report found that within secondary care settings the implementation of automated medication administration systems alongside ePMA systems would dramatically reduce the risk of medication errors. By putting the two systems in place together, Trusts will be able to strengthen patient safety from the moment the drug is prescribed to when it is administered to the patient. Over three quarters (79%) of medication errors within secondary care happen during the administration process and it is vital that Trusts put systems in place to safeguard against this.

You can support the campaign with the hashtag #BanishMedErrors. For more information visit our website.

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