Eliminate your print servers with PrinterLogic! Our software allows you to centrally manage your entire print environment without the need for any print servers. PrinterLogic gives you driver & profile management, floor plan maps for self-service printer installations, and support for advanced features including pull printing, mobile printing, print job reporting, support for EMR printing systems, and support for printing in VDI environments. Focus on patients, not printing, with PrinterLogic.
Healthcare has always been an important customer base for PrinterLogic. In the words of long time customer Ohio Health, “Now that we use PrinterLogic, we can simply push one update and it will be automatically taken care of across all servers and printers. This has drastically reduced the time spent troubleshooting, and has eliminated the need to check every print server. Our deployment time for new printers is now incredibly fast—we just push once, and it’s done.”
Whether you have one facility or multiple facilities, PrinterLogic software can give you the tools you need to centrally manage your printing without the headaches of print servers.

Event Diary

Exclusive research from the Public Sector Show 2018 takes the temperature of over 700 UK public servants, giving a picture of their views on the health of the nation’s public services.