Safetrac Solutions

Safetrac Solutions is the premier UK supplier of vehicle tracking, asset tracking and lone worker solutions. We are also authorised resellers of incredible technology such as Geotab data collection hardware and software as well as TWIG lone worker technology.

Geotab is a plug and play device, which makes it inherently easy to use. Working with Geotab, we are able to supply market leading technology to fleet owners across the United Kingdom. Geotab’s data collection allows you to truly take control of the way that your fleet works. An example of this is Geotab’s ability to collate driver safety data and assign safety scores to your drivers. Safety data is comprised of speeding, seatbelt usage, degree of corner turning, acceleration and after-hours vehicle usage. These incredible features are guaranteed to save you money.

In addition to this, at Safetrac Solutions offers our own range of vehicle fleet tracking solutions. This allows you to see where your vehicles are at any given moment, whether they’re idling and whether they’re taking the optimum route to their destination.
Our asset tracking solutions enable you to keep track of valuable company property and locate it easily if it’s lost or stolen.

Finally, our lone worker solutions continue to make it safer to be alone on the job. Whether you’re a nurse or a construction worker, Safetrac’s own lone worker solutions or the TWIG range guarantee that in the event of an emergency, help will be on the way.

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