SWA’s FIREFLY fire clips - saving lives!

SWA’s Firefly fire clips are probably the easiest to fit low cost range of cable clips in the UK.

This unique product is designed to save lives, resisting temperatures of up to 970ºC for at least 2 hours. Eight successful Warrington Fire tests have proven this. Better still, Firefly fire clips are fast-fit … saving on installation time too.

Created to support cabling inside trunking, Firefly clips bury themselves deeper into substrate as trunking melts around them giving cables additional support. No other clips can do this. But Firefly can also be used generally, supporting surface installations anywhere with ease and speed with fire-resistance built in.

Firefly clips are 100% compliant with BS7671:2015 amendment 3. The range consists of: Internal trunking clips, surface mounting clips, external trunking clips and conduit clips.

Easy to buy, easy to install

Firefly clips are available nationwide through SWA’s network of electrical stockists. They are fast and easy to install and guaranteed to outlive the lifetime of the cables they hold in place. Firefly clips fit ALL makes and sizes of plastic trunking and conduit and are recommended by leading trunking manufacturers as standard.

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