We are Lean and Agile

We offer software and training to help our customers improve their processes. The software is widely used in Holland by over 100 Public Sector bodies and private sector companies such as Schiphol Airport and Bavaria Beer. In our first year in the UK we are already working with 15+ Local Authorities/ public sector bodies to improve their processes.

The software helps you by creating fully costed process models live in a workshop, engaging stakeholders and giving them a sense of ownership over the improvements, thereby gaining buy in and easing implementation of changes. The product supports a continuous improvement culture and real savings are shown by comparing your ‘As Is’ and ‘To Be’ processes. As well as improving engagement this is a timesaving tool for your analysts making business improvement 20-40% faster.

The cost of the software is covered by the time saved by just a single analyst using it. The cost is negligible compared to the many benefits. Every company will see benefits from using this tool.

If you need to improve your processes making cost savings, improving compliance or speed of delivery (and even all three) contact us for a demo, free trial or to buy.

Event Diary

This Westminster Health Forum seminar will discuss the future of funding in the NHS, looking at priority areas, productivity and integration.

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