Two crucial elements required to drive traceability in a clinical setting

The use of standardised data that can be captured at the point of care can make a significant difference in healthcare, writes Glen Hodgson

How information sharing is a matter of patient safety

Glen Hodgson shares a summary of discussion from the HETT GS1 panel: How information sharing is a matter of patient safety

Traceability in healthcare: the difference between good and great

Glen Hodgson is charged with supporting the healthcare industry deliver a more robust approach to patient safety. He explains more here

Point-of-care scanning just makes sound business sense

Glen Hodgson discusses some of the recent Scan4Safety findings as well as why point-of-care scanning will improve patient safety for years to come

Technology’s potential to revolutionise patient care

The Health Secretary recently emphasised the importance of scanning technology in improving safety. Glen Hodgson explains the benefits of standardising this process by using GS1 barcodes

Improving patient safety using GS1 standards

Glen Hodgson, head of Healthcare at GS1 UK, explores the growing role of barcode technology in the future of acute trusts in England

Releasing clinician’s time to patient care

Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust discusses how being a Scan4Safety site is helping it release clinical time to patient care

Scan4Safety – Insight from a demonstrator site

Rob Drag shares the progress and benefits of the Scan4Safety programme at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust as it nears the completion of its initial phase

Scanning for safety - barcoding progress within the NHS

HB provides its final Top 10 list of 2017 focusing on the trusts leading the way in making efficiency savings through GS1 standards and barcoding technology

How do we prevent ‘never events’ in the NHS?

Glen Hodgson explores what is meant by the term a ‘never event’, how can these be prevented and what role does GS1 standards have to play

Safety through surgical instrument tracking

Glen Hodgson explores how GS1 standards are helping the NHS in improving patient safety and inventory management

Scan4Safety - one year of progress

One year after its launch, Glen Hodgson discusses the progress of the Scan4Safety project and the benefits of tracking each patient through their hospital journey

The power of standards to transform the NHS

Glen Hodgson, head of Healthcare at GS1 UK, analyses the current state of barcoding in hospitals

Basic data standards can help NHS trusts to improve efficiency says Roger Lamb, healthcare sector manager at GS1 UK, which is responsible for the most widely used set of supply chain standards in the world

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