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Hospitals are demanding environments for IT applications. Each department has its own specialised needs and each discipline (consultant, doctor, lab pathologist, nurse, administrator) its own habits, working environment and tools. To make IT work effectively, there needs to be multi-purpose backbone infrastructures that integrate with devices and applications across all departments and disciplines. Wireless is the obvious choice, offering an IP platform for voice as well as data. The Wireless Event at Olympia is the UK’s main showcase of wireless and mobility solutions, and the organisers have announced their fifth annual exhibition on 23 and 24 May at Olympia. Key sponsors and exhibitors include Aruba, BT, Hewlett Packard, Intel, iPass, Motorola, O2 and Siemens.

A wide range of solutions
Wireless is a complex investment for NHS trusts. Managers must consider wireless security; multiple applications including wireless VoIP; device selection and management; and the mobilisation of existing and new applications. The Wireless Event covers the full gamut of wireless and mobile technologies and solutions across over 100 exhibition stands.

Keynote speakers
Mobility and wireless are not just IT topics. They go to the heart of your organisation’s culture, processes and productivity. So we’ve lined up a panel of visionaries who will put wireless into a wider context and help you build a successful strategy for your organisation. The keynotes are free to attend but must be pre-booked when you register.
Euan Semple is one of the best-known people in the new online social computing world. His 21 years at the BBC included his work as Head of Knowledge Management, and he has had five years of unparalleled experience as an independent consultant learning how to make the most of this wired-up world of work and how businesses can prepare themselves for the challenges and the opportunities it represents. He is highly connected to the most influential movers and shakers of this new environment and his inspirational workshops have been experienced by many diverse audiences worldwide.
Bryan Clark, KPMG’s CIO, has delivered a strong and energised central infrastructure that supports diverse empowered IT teams across the globe. Bryan has analysed mobile working patterns in KPMG and will share the results of his research.
Ian Campbell, CIO of British Energy and Chairman of the Corporate IT Forum, has instituted a change programme called IP3 – Intellectual Property, Intelligent People and IMProve (Information Management – Prove Ourselves). The programme is helping BE to achieve operational excellence in IT, improving customer satisfaction, reliability and responsiveness. Ian will give insights into his successful approach to modern IT.
James Hart, Marketing Director EMEA, Research in Motion, puts mobility into the context of changing work patterns and the new productivity agenda. As part of the BlackBerry team, James is on the crest of the new wave of wireless working.
Special focus on Wireless and RFID in Healthcare – morning of 23 May – this is a free case study-led programme focusing on delivering organisational benefits from wireless and mobility. It is for both business and technology decision-makers. We suggest that NHS managers and their IT counterparts attend them together during the planning phase of a wireless project. Case studies include:

  • Deploying Wi-Fi enabled “Robot Doctors” – the latest  in neurological care – Dr David Chiu, Medical Director, Eddy Scurlock Stroke Center, Houston, Texas, USA.
  • Combining RFID and Wi-Fi for patient record tracking – David Murphy FRCS, Consultant at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital and CEO, Safe Surgery Systems

The Wireless Event also has a range of exhibitors with specific solutions for healthcare, including BT, Motorola, Aruba, Siemens, Connect Spot, Colubris Networks and The Cloud.

Technology seminars
The Technology Seminars are education-led primers on technology, deployment. They are primarily designed for IT directors and managers evaluating, planning or implementing wireless and mobility solutions.

Wireless networking and security
This two-day seminar is about migrating from Ethernet and leased lines to wireless LANs and wireless access, both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint. Are you up to speed on 802.11n, WPA security and whether to use WiMAX? Topics include:

  • The business case and ROI for wireless

     Wireless standards: 11n and beyond

  • Mesh networking and how to use it in your sector
  • Wireless security and network management
  • Planning and deploying wireless, including RF site surveys
  • Fixed wireless access networks, including the WiMAX option

Wireless VoIP
Wireless is the cheapest and most flexible bearer for VoIP systems. VoIP is a top application for wireless. But what devices are available, are you ready for fixed-mobile convergence and what about security for those shiny new VoIP phones? Topics:

  • Wireless VoIP devices and SIP phones
  • Fixed mobile convergence for enterprises
  • Planning for WVoIP networks
  • QoS and bandwidth issues

Business  Briefings
The Business Briefings are business and case study-led programmes focusing on delivering organisational benefits in specific sectors through mobile applications. They are for both business and technology decision-makers, particularly line of business directors and their IT counterparts to attend together during the planning phase of a wireless project.

Mobility and Secure Remote Access
Your organisational strategy is your mobility strategy. Who has access to information and applications? How is your data secured? We take a business-driven approach to the topics:

  • Planning for mobility and managing organisational change
  • Controlling the cost of remote access and communications
  • Mobilising your core applications, and middleware issues
  • Device and data security
  • Fixed mobile convergence

RFID in the supply chain
Retail businesses, logistics companies, all major warehousing and logistics users: RFID and wireless are now core to your processes and profitability. Are you aware of best practice on stock management and labelling? Are you up to speed with new generation readers and applications? Topics:

  • Planning and scaling the project
  • Applications for retail, and case studies
  • Point of sale/in-store applications
  • RFID, warehousing and asset tracking

Live demonstrations of mobility
The Wireless Event’s organisers surveyed public sector visitors after last year’s show. The main request was for more demos, more technical advice, and to see new devices. The Wireless Event now features a live, hands-on tour of the technologies and devices, and how to use them.

The ‘How To’ of Wireless
Looking for hands-on, impartial advice on ways to evaluate and deploy wireless and VoIP systems? The “How To” of Wireless features independent tutorials from leading IT trainers, together with demonstrations of wireless VoIP, LBS, RTLS and Wireless CCTV. Half of each tutorial session is reserved for you to “Ask The Experts”: an opportunity to share experiences with other users and get help from independent experts.

The Device Demo Zone
The Wireless Event has always featured leading-edge enterprise phones, PDAs, UMPCs and mobile devices. The Device Demo Zone goes one stage further, with technical experts from leading suppliers on hand to walk you through the functionality and features of the hottest new devices. Try it for yourself!

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